13 facts about the health service under the SNP

We all rely on our NHS – that’s why we want to make sure it’s fit for the future. Under the SNP health funding, NHS staffing and patient satisfaction are all at record highs.

Here’s how, in government, we’re delivering progress on health.

1. Health spending is at a record high – over the next year health spending will rise to £13.9 billion. Over this Scottish Parliament term we have committed to increasing the NHS revenue budget by half a billion higher than inflation.

2. NHS Scotland patient satisfaction is high. 86 per cent of NHS Scotland patients rating their care and treatment positively – record high since 2014.

3. The number of people working in our health service has increased to historic levels. Under the SNP, NHS Scotland staffing has increased by almost 12,700, or 10 per cent.

4. Scotland’s hospital A&E performance has been the best in the UK for over three years. Our core accident and emergency performance has remained better than elsewhere in the UK for more than the last three years of published data.

5. Scotland has the highest number of GPs per 100,000 population of any UK nation, and we will aim to increase the number of GPs in Scotland by at least 800 over the next decade. We’re also introducing a new GP contract to make general practice an even more attractive career prospect for doctors.

6. Free prescriptions – introduced by the SNP government – are saving people with chronic conditions over £100 a year.

7. We will deliver the highest pay rise for NHS Agenda for Change staff in the UK. We are guaranteeing a minimum increase of 3 per cent for staff who earn up to £36,500, meaning that a Band 5 nurse will receive a pay rise of £870 in 2018-19.

8. We will invest an extra half a billion pounds into primary care, including GP services and health centres. Over this parliament, we will increase spending on primary care services to 11 per cent of the frontline NHS budget.

9. Since the SNP came to office the number of people registered with an NHS dentist has almost doubled. A record 5 million people are registered with an NHS dentist, with a 36 per cent increase in the numbers of NHS dentists under this government.

10. In the last ten years cancer mortality is down 11 per cent. And, our new Cancer Strategy, backed up by £100 million in funding, will improve prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

11. Scotland was the first country in the world to implement a national patient safety programme, and hospital safety is improving. Figures published show that between January to March 2014 and July to September 2017, hospital mortality has fallen by 10.6 per cent.

12. Scotland was the first country in the UK to have a mental health waiting times target. We have delivered our commitment to invest £1 billion in mental health in 2017/18 and over the life of this Parliament investment will exceed £5 billion. We’ve published a new ten-year strategy to transform mental health services too.

13. We’ve expanded access to IVF so that it is now the most generous in the UK. New patients referred for IVF treatment on the NHS in Scotland may be eligible for three full cycles rather than two, increasing their chances of conceiving a baby. Families who have children in the home but where one parent has no biological children are now be eligible too.