Economy & Jobs

The SNP is committed to creating jobs and opportunities for Scots old and new. We believe that Scotland can and should be more successful, and we will continue to argue for the Scottish Parliament to have new job creating powers. We realise Scotland’s potential and have continued to invest in our traditional industries like science, innovation and engineering, while at the same time promoting new emerging sectors like renewables, the creative sector and life-sciences. Continuing to support job creation will be one of the central tasks of government in the years ahead, creating a fertile environment for business growth. We have already shown our commitment to small businesses which truly are the backbone to a strong and stable economy. Our Small Business Bonus scheme has benefited almost 80,000 small and medium sized businesses across the country. As well as businesses we know our responsibility is to protect Scottish families in these difficult times. That is why we have frozen Council tax for every year we have been in Government and have committed to doing so for the rest of this Parliament. Scotland’s got what it takes to prosper in the years ahead and it is our responsibility as Scotland’s Party and Scotland’s Government to deliver.

Our Vision for Scotland's Economy

Creating more jobs here in Scotland is a top priority for the SNP. Our policies include:

Supporting Scotland's Small Businesses - We will protect the Small Business Bonus, ensuring £450 million of support for the small businesses that form the lifeblood of local economies. The small business bonus has saved jobs in the downturn and create jobs in the recovery.

Action on Youth Unemployment - We will provide support for 125,000 modern apprenticeships over the lifetime of the Parliament and a commitment that every 16-19 year old in Scotland not in work, part of a Modern Apprenticeship scheme or receiving education is offered a learning or training opportunity.

Growing the Green Economy - Scotland is leading the world in offshore renewable technologies and the SNP will continue to support the rapid growth of this sector. The National Renewables Infrastructure Fund will help leverage private investment into Renewables, part of over £200 million of investment in Renewables.

Improve Connectivity - we will invest in the electrification of the central Scotland rail network, reducing journey times between Glasgow and Edinburgh to just over 30 minutes. And our plans include the rapid expansion of high-speed broadband so Scots can take full advantage of our new digital age.

Protecting family budgets - At a time of inflation, higher VAT and sky-high fuel prices we will continue to protect family budgets here in Scotland by freezing the Council Tax. We have also removed prescription charges, saving people with long-term health conditions £180.