A Wealthier Scotland....

“Creating and protecting jobs is at the very top of our agenda for the next four years”

In the years ahead the SNP will be working hard to deliver new jobs and new opportunities for Scots young and old. As we take the first steps on the road to recovery, my vision for Scotland is of an economy that increasingly benefits from high-paid and high quality jobs in the emerging industries, like life-sciences, renewable energy and the creative sector.

Scotland's economy that must build on our traditional strengths of engineering, science and innovation. We live in a country where hard work, education and ambition are rewarded no matter where you start in life. I want to build a nation that nurtures its talent, rewards its entrepreneurs and encourages businesses big and small to grow and employ more people.

Over these next five years that will mean increased effort to improve connectivity within Scotland and from Scotland to the world. It will see ongoing support for the skills and research that will give our nation an advantage.

It will mean a continued commitment to low and competitive taxes for our business community; investment in our social economy and new measures to encourage the growth of social banking and new sources of finance for growing companies and enterprising communities.

We are acting to create new economic opportunities, protect household income and employment, support frontline services and improve our environment. We face these unprecedented financial challenges without the powers that other countries have at their disposal. That is why we also continue to press for the constitutional changes and independence that would enable us to do much more.

The SNP have been working to improve Scotland’s transport infrastructure in the last 4 years. In order for Scotland to be successful we must fully utilise the current road and rail network, which is why we’ve been upgrading key routes – such as completing the M74 and opening the Airdrie-Bathgate rail line.

The SNP is committed to creating jobs and opportunities for Scots old and new. We believe that Scotland can and should be more successful, and we will continue to argue for the Scottish Parliament to have new job creating powers.