Supporting Our Students

One of the very first acts of the new SNP Government was to restore Scotland’s historic tradition of free education by abolishing back door tuition fees in the form of the graduate endowment.

We have always maintained that access to education should be based on the ability to learn not on the ability to pay.

As well as increasing grants to part-time students, the SNP has helped those most vulnerable in our society. For the first time ever asylum seekers, who have been in Scotland for 3 years or more, are entitled to the same access to higher and further education as their peers.  

Scotland’s Universities rightly enjoy a world-wide reputation for excellence. Our priority will be to continue to invest in our educational institutions and that is why we have launched our Green Paper on University funding.  

We will explore every option possible, taking into account the full range of views. The only certainty is that under the SNP tuitions fees will always remain off the table.  

Our record: 
  • The unfair backdoor tuition fees introduced by Labour and the Lib Dems has been scrapped, students no longer need to pay the £2,300 graduate endowment on completion of University.
  • We have replaced loans for part-time students with grants and extended grants to part-time vocational postgraduates for the first time.
  • An extra £30m has been assigned to the Student Funding budget to help address student hardship and indebtedness.
  • There has been an increase in spending, with Universities receiving an extra £75m more in 2012-2013.