Climate Change

Climate change presents us with many challenges, but it also provides a wealth of opportunity for Scotland given our expertise and enterprise that can bring new jobs and greater prosperity across our nation.

We all have a part to play - government, communities, businesses and individuals. We want more Scots to live in carbon neutral communities and will continue to support and encourage local and community action.

And, with tens of thousands of new jobs expected to be created in the renewable sector within the next decade we are working to build the right skills, attract new investment and ensure Scotland is recognised as the most attractive location in Europe for marine renewables and carbon capture.

We have also taken big steps forward with our zero-waste strategy and have begun major investment in low carbon transport which will be a crucial part of our carbon reduction efforts.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Act is the most ambitious in the industrialised world. Scotland is taking a global lead on the fight against climate change and is working hard with our partners across Europe, and the world, to develop green economic opportunities for Scotland and a sustainable future for our planet.

Our record: 
  • A Global Leader - Introduced world leading climate change legislation to reduce emissions by 42% by the end of the decade, with annual targets and a minimum of 80% reduction by 2050
  • Reducing waste in Scotland - Recycling in Scotland is at its highest ever level – almost 35% of waste is recycled in Scotland, a 7% rise since 2007
  • No More Nuclear - As well as opposing nuclear weapons, the SNP is opposed to new nuclear power stations or dumps in Scotland
  • Investing in Renewables - The SNP-led Scottish Government has invested heavily in our renewables sector. With 25% of Europe’s wind energy potential, including massive off shore as well as onshore wind power capabilities, a quarter of Europe’s tidal resource, and huge potential from clean coal and carbon capture, the SNP believes there are real economic and employment opportunities for Scotland. We showed our commitment to developing new renewable technologies by launching the £10m Saltire prize for innovation in marine technology.

Our Vision for a Greener Scotland

  • Supporting communities - We will build on the popular and effective Climate Challenge fund to encourage more towns, villages, neighbourhoods or streets to come together to make their community a low carbon community. 
  • The skills to succeed in the low carbon economy - We want Scots to be well placed to seize the green energy opportunities. We will introduce Green Skills Academies, to ensure we have the right green skills mix for the future.
  • Greener transport - We will begin the electrification of much of Scotland's rail network, delivering big carbon savings and with faster journey times encouraging more Scots to leave the car behind.
  • Action in our environment - We will plant millions of new trees, protect our peatlands and protect and expand our marine carbon sinks as ways of rebalancing Scotland's carbon account.