The number one priority for the people we have spoken to in communities across Scotland is to see the police out and about on our streets and in our neighbourhoods.

Over the last 4 years we have successfully delivered 1000 extra police officers. We know from the record low levels of crime that more police in our communities does deter criminals. The SNP will continue to protect police numbers, so that we can keep more police on our streets fighting crime.

We also know that anti-social behaviour remains a key concern for families and communities in many parts of Scotland. The best way to tackle anti social behaviour is through increasing police on the beat and clamping down on the binge drinking that fuels so much petty crime - the SNP will continue to do both.

The vast majority of our young people are responsible citizens, so we will come down hard on the small minority who cause trouble, while extending diversionary activities for kids to keep them off the streets. We have already taken £24 million from Scotland's criminals to invest in projects for young Scots and over the next four year we will do even more. 

Scotland is safer today than it was four years ago. And we are working hard to make it even safer.

Our record: 
  • Increasing Bobbies on the Beat – The SNP-led Scottish Government has invested heavily on our Police forces and put an additional 1000 police officers on Scotland’s streets. 
  • Towards a Safer Scotland- Recorded crime is at its lowest for 35 years. Violent crime is down by over a fifth since the SNP came to power. Knife crime has dropped by 30% since the SNP came to power.
  • Making Criminals Pay – Our CashBack for Communities scheme has used £40m seized from organised criminals to invest in projects for 500,000 kids from deprived areas.
  • Cut Re-offending - Replaced ineffective short term prison sentences with tough community based punishments that will cut re-offending.

Our Vision

  • Keeping police on our streets - Our commitment is to keep the 1000 extra police in our communities. We know this is essential if we are to keep crime rates falling.
  • Taking more ill-gotten gains from the criminals - We are extending the Cashback for Communities scheme. The law is being changed to let us take more money from more criminals and that extra cash will be invested in our communities.
  • A new clamp down on serious crime - We will introduce new Serious Crime Prevention Orders allowing us to restrict the activities of people involved in serious and organised crime.
  • Action on alcohol - We all know that cheap booze is a root cause of too much crime and anti-social behaviour. Our plans for minimum pricing will reduce the flow of the cheap alcohol and make our town centres and neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant places to live.
  • Violence reduction - we will extend the successful schemes that have seen a 30% reduction in knife crime in Scotland since 2007 and support the ground-breaking police efforts to tackle gang violence.