Culture and Arts

Scotland's diverse and vibrant cultural life is a defining feature of our successful and confident nation. We are currently experiencing a cultural renaissance and the SNP is committed to putting culture at the heart of our plans to develop Scotland's overall prosperity.

Scotland's national identity is rooted in passion for innovation and new ideas. We have seen an explosion in home-grown talent.  Our visual artists, writers, directors, fashion designers, architects and others are proudly flying the across the globe, winning international awards and plaudits the world over.

The SNP has always believed in investing in our culture and arts sector and we believe our record in Government reflects this. We have invested millions in securing some of the world’s most precious art works including bringing to Scotland the Titian masterpiece Diana and Callisto.

We are proud to have established Creative Scotland, which has acted as a champion for the best in Scotland’s culture and arts sector, helping to showcase our creative ambition to the world. Through continued investment in our talent and prioritising culture and arts we hope to be world leaders in this sector.

Our record: 
  • Establishing Creative Scotland – Creative Scotland is our culture and arts champion, established by the SNP-led Scottish Government. It has a duty to improve greater access to the arts and identify, support and develop Scotland’s talented creative practitioners.
  • Bringing the best to Scotland - The Titian masterpiece, Diana and Callisto, was secured for the nation when the Scottish Government provided £12 million towards its purchase price of £50 million in 2008.  (Independent valuations put the painting at over £100 million).  In addition, the Scottish Government provided funding to help bring all the Lewis Chessmen to Scotland for the first time in over a century.
  • World Class Museums and Galleries -The SNP-led Scottish Government has made a significant capital contribution to the V&A at Dundee project, investing £458,000 in 2010/11 with £3.1m earmarked for 2011/2012. We have also spent £280,000 for revenue funding in 2010/11 with £1m earmarked for 2011/12 spending.
  • Investing in Edinburgh’s Festivals – The Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund delivers a manifesto commitment; ensures that new funding is spread across all of the Edinburgh Festivals; and supports the costs of new productions, events or exhibitions which involve Scottish-based participants and are premiered at any of the Edinburgh Festivals. The Fund has provided over £6m over three years and will continue to invest £2m pa through to 2011/12.
  • Supporting Gaelic broadcasting - This includes consistent support for BBC Alba to gain access to Freeview, increased funding for MG ALBA and for other projects such as media equipment at the Fàs studios, capital for the Seaforth Road studios, funding of the Gaelic learners website and support for the Film G competition.