A Creative Scotland...

“My vision is for a Scotland that nurtures its creative talent and where creativity infuses all aspects of our life and work.”

Scotland is blessed with a wealth of creativity and a cultural heritage that makes me proud to be Scotland’s Culture Minister.  Over the next 5 years, the SNP is determined to build a more vibrant nation with creativity recognised and promoted and our artists and performers given new support and encouragement to excel in what they do.

Culture is an integral part of Scotland’s economy and it runs like a golden thread through so much of what is good in our society. That is why we want to see more active participation in the arts - because it is good for our wellbeing. It is why creativity is central to our new Curriculum and why we are establishing new connections between our schools and cultural organisations.

And it is why I am determined to deliver a rapid expansion of access to high-speed broadband so that more and more Scots can participate in the economic and cultural opportunities presented in our new digital age.

We want the world to see Scotland as a great place to visit and a great place to invest. We have ambitious plans for international activity, with a particular focus on increasing exports, tourism and economic growth.

We will continue to support the International Touring Fund for Scotland's National Companies and co-ordinate overseas cultural and economic promotion activities. That means bringing together, where we can, national company tours, museum and gallery loans and trade missions for an 'all Scotland' approach to cultural and economic promotion. And we will recognise those Scots who play such an important role as the ‘face of Scotland’. Our Ambassadors for Scotland Awards will identify and reward excellence among those who present Scotland's public image to visitors and to the world (from the tourist industry here at home to overseas trade promotion).

Scotland's diverse and vibrant cultural life is a defining feature of our successful and confident nation. We are currently experiencing a cultural renaissance and the SNP is committed to putting culture at the heart of our plans to develop Scotland's overall prosperity.

Scotland's national identity is rooted in passion for innovation and new ideas. We have seen an explosion in home-grown talent.  Our visual artists, writers, directors, fashion designers, architects and others are proudly flying the across the globe, winning international awards and plaudits the world over.