A Better Scotland....

Scotland can be more successful. In the SNP's first four year term, despite the unprecedented challenges, progress has been made. We have record low class sizes, shorter waiting times in our hospitals and crime is at a 32 year low. This is a good start, but it is only a start. There is so much more I want to achieve for our nation. So much more to do to create the sort of country we all know Scotland can be. Now is a time for Scotland to keep moving forward, and if we do, prosperity and opportunity will come.

John Swinney

A Wealthier Scotland....

“Creating and protecting jobs is at the very top of our agenda for the next four years”

In the years ahead the SNP will be working hard to deliver new jobs and new opportunities for Scots young and old. As we take the first steps on the road to recovery, my vision for Scotland is of an economy that increasingly benefits from high-paid and high quality jobs in the emerging industries, like life-sciences, renewable energy and the creative sector.

A Healthier Scotland...

“I want you to be treated safely and quickly”
My vision is of a health service that continues to deliver fast treatment, as close to home as possible. The hard work of our NHS staff over these past years has seen waiting times fall to record lows and we have pledged to continue this progress.

Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs

A Greener Scotland....

"My vision is for a rural Scotland that is growing in prosperity and in population."

Rural communities that are well served, with a vibrant local school, a busy community owned village hall, and which have new and growing businesses.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice

A Fairer Scotland....

“My ambition is to deliver continuing reductions in crime by maintaining the extra police in our communities”

Levels of crime in Scotland are now at a thirty five year low. However, fear of crime is not falling as quickly as crime levels and so over these next four years I want a particular focus on actions that will not only make you safer, but as importantly will make you feel safer.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning

A Smarter Scotland....

“Scotland’s success will be built on education and the skills of our people.”

My vision is of a Scotland where more and more Scots are able to fulfil their ambitions and take advantage of new opportunities in their work or in their study. I want to see a Learning Scotland, where people strive to develop new skills, nurture their talents and to push the boundaries of their knowledge.

Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs

A Creative Scotland...

“My vision is for a Scotland that nurtures its creative talent and where creativity infuses all aspects of our life and work.”

Scotland is blessed with a wealth of creativity and a cultural heritage that makes me proud to be Scotland’s Culture Minister.  Over the next 5 years, the SNP is determined to build a more vibrant nation with creativity recognised and promoted and our artists and performers given new support and encouragement to excel in what they do.