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Preventative spend saves millions


The SNP has pointed to new figures showing the Scottish Government is continuing to deliver for disabled and older people in Scotland – and highlighted the importance of investment in preventative spending.

SNP welcome Oban by-election win


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Independent Scotland "higher in development table"

The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from the author of a Credit Suisse report ‘The Success of Small Countries,’ who said this morning “small countries are successful and in general better off than bigger countries.”

Westminster "treacle" means no more powers


A report in today’s Financial Times where Ben Thomson, Chairman of the Devo Plus think tank, outlines his fears of a No vote and criticises the proposals by the Westminster parties has been highlighted by the SNP.

SNP welcome record employment and growth figures


A new record high employment level and GDP growth in Scotland is an endorsement of Scottish Government strategy and continued success can only be safeguarded with a Yes vote, Stewart Hosie MP said today.

GDP in Scotland is now above pre-recession levels, while the rest of the UK remains below the level of growth before the financial crisis.

No camp's Big Beast £118 Billion raid on pensions


The SNP has today called out the No campaign on pensions scaremongering hypocrisy following a report revealing the extent of Gordon Brown’s pensions raid in his time as UK chancellor.

SNP celebrate by-election victory

The SNP this morning welcomed the Kilmarnock North by-election victory where candidate Elaine Cowan won over 45% of the first preference votes.

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Award winning MSP welcomes renewables decision


Caithness Sutherland and Ross SNP MSP Rob Gibson today welcomed the Scottish Government giving the go ahead for the Beatrice and Moray Firth offshore developments.

SNP welcome unemployment falling to below 7%


The SNP has today welcomed the latest official figures showing a rise in employment and a fall in unemployment in Scotland.

Scotland's unemployment rate has now reduced to 6.9% and remains lower than the UK rate of 7.2%.