Cllr Fiona McRae

  • Local councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray


I live in Lonmay, on the border of fishing and farming areas, with a good insight into both communities. I was one of the new councillors in the last election of 2007. These five years have been an amazing learning curve, from dealing with multi million pound planning applications as part of the Infrastructure committee, to attending local meetings where the saving of a bus route can mean just as much, if not more, to a village. I helped to help secure a flashing light system to the village of Crimond, which has resulted in much better traffic speeds, and a safer route for pedestrians there. That had been a long standing wish of the villagers. The variety of work for a councillor is quite fascinating, dealing with a huge range of problems, and queries. A good working relationship is important to have with members of local groups, school PTA evenings, and attending lots of inspiring fund raiser events (including calorie filled buttery morning!) It has been wonderful to see communities working to make the place they live the best it can be. I hope that I will be re-elected in order to continue working with the people of Peterhead North and Rattray.