Labour stealing SNP policies

 The Scottish National Party has said that with the general election approaching, Labour are now stealing SNP policies.  

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Nicola joins businesswomen in Glasgow

Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joined over 150 businesswomen in Glasgow to speak about how a strong group of SNP MPs can make Scotland stronger and Westminster better.

This General Election will be historic. Polls are suggesting a hung parliament, which would give Scotland an unprecedented opportunity to make our voice heard at Westminster.

Gaffe as Murphy doesn't know Labour housing policy

Jim Murphy was left red-faced today after a series of gaffes on Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams programme revealed he doesn’t know his own party’s housing policy.

SNP welcome MORI/STV poll – record high and lead

Welcoming a new poll by Ipsos MORI for STV showing the SNP on a high of 54 per cent - up 2 per cent by the same pollsters since January, as Labour drop 4 points to 20 per cent - the SNP’s Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie said:

Sturgeon calls on Scotland to make voice heard


It is a pleasure to be here this morning as we approach the final week of the General Election campaign.

This election - which all the polls suggest will result in a hung parliament - gives Scotland an unprecedented opportunity to make our voice heard at Westminster.

SNP welcome TNS poll

Welcoming a new poll by TNS showing Nicola Sturgeon has the highest approval rating of any leader north and south of the border, Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s Deputy Leader said:

"These exceptionally strong poll ratings show two things. First, that Nicola Sturgeon is head and shoulders above the other party leaders, both at Westminster and Holyrood.

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Tories must outline planned cuts

The SNP has today challenged the Tories to say which social security benefits they will be cutting if they are to form the next UK government. With only nine days to the election the SNP said it was imperative that the Tories were straight with voters about their plans to slash spending on social security.

A vote for the SNP is a vote for small business

Today the Deputy First Minister John Swinney has outlined how the SNP will stand up for Scotland’s small businesses at Westminster.

Small businesses are the absolute lifeblood of Scotland’s economy and create vital job opportunities

Saltire e-update TEST for April 2015

SNP challenge Labour to cut energy bills

The SNP have today challenged Labour to commit to take action to reduce household energy bills if elected next week, and to also take action on transmission charges to support Longannet power station and Scottish renewable electricity generation.