Westminster is real threat to Scotland in EU


Prime Minister David Cameron has been obliged to make a statement to the House of Commons this afternoon on his handling of the nomination of Jean Claude Juncker as the new President of the European Commission.

Pete Wishart SNP MP, commented:   

No vote offers nothing but austerity

Amid increasing warnings that public services south of the border are on the brink of collapse, the SNP has warned that further years of austerity is all that is on offer from the anti-independence parties.

Tornado report - distressing and damning for MoD

Commenting on the long awaited publication of the Military Aviation Authority’s (MAA) report into the fatal collision in July 2012 involving RAF Tornadoes over the Moray Firth, Angus Robertson MP – SNP Westminster leader and defence spokesperson whose constituency includes RAF Lossiemouth - said:


Report shows Westminster failing on cost of living

The publication of a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation showing that the cost of living has increased by 28% since 2008 while average earnings have increased by just 9% underlines the need for Scotland to make its own choices.

Scots "no longer trust No campaign leaders"

The Scottish National Party has said the constant negativity of the No campaign has added to the unpopularity of its leaders following a poll which shows Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are increasingly unpopular with the Scottish public- with Ed Miliband now more unpopular than David Cameron.


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Cameron criticised over "error of judgement"



The Scottish National Party has condemned David Cameron’s comments on Armed Forces Day describing them as “an error of judgement” as the Prime Minister attempted to politicise the day.


SNP condemn UK government immigration policy


The Scottish National Party has condemned the UK government's "inflexible immigration policy" following calls from First Minister Alex Salmond to the UK immigration minister, urging him to allow an American actress and singer to stay in Scotland following the sudden breakdown of a relationship which has left her without a visa.


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Lib Dems must apologise over Royal Mail sell-off


Scottish National Party MSP Mike MacKenzie has called on the Liberal Democrats to apologise over the privatisation of Royal Mail.


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No campaign credibility gap on setup costs


The No campaign was left facing another credibility gap after Professor Patrick Dunleavy once again made clear that anti-independence politicians had misrepresented his position.


No campaign challenged on NHS

In a week where the SNP Government continued to invest in the NHS, the Westminster parties have been challenged to explain to people in Scotland why they are happy for NHS Scotland’s budget to be jeopardised by Westminster’s privatisation agenda.