No vote would see APD continue to blight Scotland

The Scottish National Party has warned of the “empty promises” of more devolution from the No campaign, as it has been confirmed there are no plans to devolve the controversial “Tourism Tax” imposed on Scottish airports following a No vote in September.

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Treasury credibility gap on the economy

September’s referendum offers a choice between a new plan for prosperity with a Yes vote and continued austerity with a Westminster establishment whose economic credibility has crumbled, the SNP has said today.

Westminster parties fail to rein in Lords spending

Research showing that all of the Westminster parties have failed to rein in spending on the unelected House of Lords has been condemned today as unacceptable and unjustifiable.

During Labour’s time in office from 1997-2010, the net operating cost of the House of Lords rose from £39.407 million to £77.398 million – an increase of 96 per cent and well above the rate of inflation.

Panicked rebrand cannot undo LibDem actions

Reports in today’s Herald that the LibDems are attempting to rebrand their leader Nick Clegg in the wake of disastrous election results have been branded ‘futile’ today.

Second aircraft carrier to remain at Rosyth

Scottish National Party defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP has welcomed acknowledgement from defence secretary Philip Hammond that the second aircraft carrier will continue to be built at Rosyth following a Yes vote in September. 


Commenting, Angus Robertson MP said:


Airports encouraged to advertise autism support

SNP MSP for Aberdeen Donside, Mark McDonald, has joined forces with the National Autistic Society Scotland and Scottish Autism to call for Scotland's airports to ensure that the support that is available for passengers with autism is made more widely available and promoted.

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FM's Navy veteran father attends carrier launch

First Minister Alex Salmond will be joined by his 92-year-old naval veteran father, Robert, at today’s naming ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth at Rosyth.

Mr Salmond senior served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

As a Petty Officer he served on two aircraft carriers, and was responsible for repairing the radios on the planes.

Nicola Sturgeon comments on offer to Glasgow

Commenting on Prime Minister David Cameron’s offer to Glasgow today, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

Westminster must scrap tourism tax

The SNP has today renewed calls for Air Passenger Duty (APD) to be scrapped following comments from a top airline that it is holding back the Scottish economy. 

UK Government failing on mobile and broadband

The Scottish National Party has criticised the UK Government’s Department of Culture Media and Sport for failing rural areas on adequate mobile phone and broadband coverage.