SNP MSP ‘Delighted’ at Ferguson ferry contract


SNP MSP Stuart McMillan has today highlighted his delight following the announcement that Ferguson shipyard has won its first ferry building contract since being rescued from closure.

Clyde Blowers Capital – now owned by Scottish businessman Jim McColl - bought the yard earlier this month after it went into administration.

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Attack on young branded 'grossly irresponsible'

Reports in today’s Sunday Times that David Cameron is set to announce a package of welfare cuts targeted at young people have been branded ‘grossly irresponsible’ today.

PM pledges Holyrood will raise all its own money

David Cameron has today appeared to commit himself to giving the Scottish Parliament the powers to raise and spend ‘all of its own money’, moving far further than the devolution proposals previously set out by his party colleagues in Scotland.

Families to lose out on up to £2,000 from cap

Labour’s plans to continue with the Tories’ child benefit cap could cost families in Scotland as much as £2000 – showing why decisions on welfare should be made in Scotland rather than at Westminster.

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Polling analysis latest indication of SNP support

Analysis of opinion polling this week has provided the latest indication of the strong growth in support for the SNP ahead of next year’s Westminster election.

Westminster has head in the sand on food bank rise

The Westminster government is continuing to ignore the link between welfare cuts and rising food bank use – despite a 400 per cent increase in the number of people relying on food banks in Scotland in the past year.

Academic: indyref "achieved something significant"

The SNP has today (Saturday) welcomed comments of political scientist Francis Fukuyama, who praised the healthy state of Scotland's democracy following the high turnout and participation in the referendum.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland, Professor Fukuyama said that the “level of engagement suggest that democracy is actually quite healthy in Scotland.”

Westminster parties must reaffirm commitment

The SNP has called on the Westminster party leaders to reaffirm the commitment they made to people in Scotland after threats by UKIP to slash Scotland’s funding to the tune of billions of pounds.

Welfare changes set to hit thousands of jobseekers

A report in today’s Independent that new benefit rules to be introduced next week could push around 280,000 people ‘into a financial black-hole’ is the latest demonstration of how poorly planned Westminster’s welfare changes have been.