SNP membership soars to over 65,000


The SNP has today welcomed the news that total membership has reached and surpassed 65,000 – with over 39,000 new members in just one week since the referendum.

The SNP membership now outstrips the UK wide Lib Dem membership and the 39,000 + new members alone and is greater than all the other parties’ membership totals in Scotland combined.

Public debate needed on Westminster fracking plans

The SNP has today objected to UK Government plans to remove the right of householders to object to fracking taking place beneath their homes – and highlighted the need for a public debate on the issue, rather than a behind closed doors agreement at Westminster.

SNP announce members of Smith Commission

Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Alex Salmond announced the two SNP appointments to the cross-party commission on strengthening the powers of the Scottish Parliament, which is chaired by Lord Smith of Kelvin.

Two years on Labour must come clean on cuts

Two years on from Johann Lamont establishing a Cuts Commission aimed at slashing key social policies, Labour is facing demands to reveal to people in Scotland what policies it has in the firing line.

Scotland on course to meet renewables target

Figures showing a 30 per cent increase in Scotland’s renewable electricity generation in the first half of 2014 have been hailed today as the latest demonstration Scotland is on course to meet its ambitious renewable electricity targets.

Independent councillor joins SNP in Argyll & Bute


The SNP is today welcoming news that a prominent councillor in Argyll and Bute has joined the SNP and applied to join the SNP council group after resigning from the Lib Dem / Tory / Independent council administration.

Councillor Iain Angus MacDonald announced his decision and said:

New technology underlines bright future for sector

The announcement by researchers at Heriot-Watt University that Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques they have developed could add decades to the lifespan of the North Sea oil and gas industry has been welcomed by the SNP.

The researchers have developed a technique of using low-salinity water injection to improve the output of oil production in a relatively inexpensive way.

Autism champion progress for Holyrood welcomed

Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has hailed moves to appoint Scottish Parliament Autism Champions as a welcome step towards making Holyrood more accessible for people with autism.

Labour hypocrisy on health exposed

The hypocrisy of the Labour party on the NHS has been exposed again today, after Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham’s speech to Labour conference claimed that the health service was being ‘privatised’ by the Tories – just days after his party claimed that the NHS was ‘safe with a No vote’.

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SNP membership soars as Labour could 'die out'

As SNP membership soars to more than 57,000, former First Minister Henry McLeish has warned that the Labour Party is in danger of dying out in Scotland.