Humza Yousaf: UKIP must sack disgraced MEP

By Humza Yousaf MSP

David Coburn’s Islamophobic slur toward me has left me feeling angry, appalled and also deeply hurt.

It is quite unbelievable for anyone to think it is appropriate to compare me to a convicted terrorist simply because I am a Muslim.

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Policy plan gaps show Lab Cuts Commission lives on

Glaring omissions from Labour’s draft Holyrood manifesto for 2016 have shown that the disastrous Cuts Commission agenda is alive and well today.

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New figures demolish Transmission Charging case

National Grid figures showing that a power station in Lands’ End would expect to be subsidised for its electricity have blown a hole in attempts to claim that current transmission charges reflect proximity to population centres.

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UKIP must sack MEP for islamophobic comments

Responding to reports that UKIP MEP David Coburn made islamophobic comments comparing SNP MSP Humza Yousaf to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza, the SNP is today calling for the MEP to resign or be sacked by his party.

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Poll shows SNP remain most trusted to protect NHS

A poll showing that people in Scotland think the SNP will be most effective at protecting Scotland’s NHS has been hailed today.

A YouGov poll for the Times found that 47 per cent of people in Scotland think the SNP would be most effective at protecting Scotland’s NHS compared to just 20 per cent who think that Labour would be most effective.

Labour on course for worse defeat than under Gray

Further findings from today’s YouGov poll have revealed that Labour under Jim Murphy is on course for an even worse Scottish Parliament election result than Iain Gray’s landslide defeat in 2011 – while support for the SNP has grown further.

APD 'principal threat' to smaller airports

A new House of Commons report has made clear that Air Passenger Duty (APD) is the ‘principal threat’ to smaller airports in Scotland – highlighting the need for action to protect Scotland’s aviation sector from the impact of the stifling tax.

SNP comment on MOD veto on Smith Commission


Commenting on the a report on the front page of today’s Herald newspaper showing that the Ministry of Defence contacted the Smith Commission and opposed further devolution to the Scottish Parliament in order to maintain their control over Scottish Crown assets, SNP MSP Rob Gibson said:

Major charity calls for halt to PIP rollout

A major charity’s call for changes to disability benefits to be halted until they are devolved to Holyrood must be heeded, the SNP has said today.

YouGov poll shows high support for strong SNP team

The SNP is tonight welcoming a Scottish YouGov poll showing support to give Scotland a strong voice at Westminster remains high.