Expert slams Tory cuts to renewables support

The SNP has today highlighted new comments from the Development Director of Banks Renewables – who condemned the “perverse” decision by the UK Government to cut support for onshore renewables projects. 

SNP MP: UN must review Saudi human rights role

A Scottish National Party MP has written to Prime Minister David Cameron urging the UK government to push for the removal of Saudi Arabia as chair of a key UN human rights panel.

SNP welcomes 'I Heart Castle Toward' campaign

The SNP has today welcomed a new campaign, backed by successful talented and creative individuals from across Scotland and beyond, calling for Castle Toward in Argyll to become once again a centre for artistic and creative excellence for young people.

CBI: Tories sending worrying signals on renewables

The UK Government’s decision to cut support for the renewables industry has faced further criticism today – after John Cridland of the CBI launched an attack on the ‘worrying signals’ sent to business by Tory government policy on renewable energy.

Ruth's EU pledge 'nothing more than hollow words'

Following the revelation that the UK Conservative Party will remain ‘neutral’ in the EU referendum, the SNP has described Ruth Davidson’s pledge to make a positive case for EU membership as “nothing more than hollow words.”

New research: Council Tax Freeze “over-funded"

The SNP has today highlighted new expert research showing the Scottish Government has fully funded the Council Tax freeze – and called on Labour to apologise for years of ‘grossly misleading’ claims on the subject.

Third sector demand improvements to Scotland Bill

The SNP has today highlighted further calls from third sector organisations in Scotland for the devolution of further powers over social security – amidst concerns that the current provisions of the Scotland Bill do not go far enough and “are not in line with the Smith Commission’s recommendations.”

SNP welcomes Northern Ireland GM decision

News that Northern Ireland will follow Scotland in banning GM crops under new EU rules has been welcomed by the SNP. Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister, Mark Durkan, has taken the decision to ban the cultivation of GM crops citing the need to protect the environment and Northern Ireland’s green reputation.

Labour: yes, no or just don't know?

The SNP has today highlighted the “total confusion” in the Labour Party following Henry McLeish’s criticism of Kezia Dugdale’s claims that she would not stop Labour MPs and MSPs campaigning for a Yes vote in a future referendum on independence. 

Tory nuclear plans are short-sighted

Following the announcement that the UK Government has guaranteed a £2billion investment deal for the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station, the Scottish National Party has criticised its’ short-sighted energy policy.

The planned nuclear site in Somerset was originally due to begin producing power in 2023 but has been hit by delays due to the cost of the venture.