Hundreds of carers to lose out at hands of Tories

At least 450 carers in Scotland stand to lose over £3,000 per year as a result of harsh Tory welfare cuts.

Chilcot publication demand mounts

SNP Defence spokesman Brendan O’Hara has today demanded Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the Iraq war must “be published as a matter of urgency”, following an admission by a senior ally of Tony Blair that the UK should not have gone to war.

Sanctions regime impact laid bare again

The SNP is today repeating its call for an immediate moratorium on sanctions and for full powers over social security to be transferred to Scotland – after further ‘heartbreaking’ evidence of the impact of the UK Government’s sanctions regime.

Call for BBC cash fair play for football clubs

The SNP has today demanded that the BBC puts more money into television rights for Scottish football following conformation that the corporation has short-changed the game north of the border.

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Mackay reappointed as SNP Business Convener


Derek Mackay MSP has today been re-appointed as SNP Business Convener by party Leader Nicola Sturgeon at the party National Council in Perth.

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SNP condemn Tory £12 billion spending cut plans

The SNP has condemned plans by the Westminster Government to slash £12billion a year from benefits, hitting the working poor and vulnerable people.

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Sturgeon aims for record turnout in 2016

In Perth today, addressing the first meeting of the Scottish National Party's National Council since the referendum and General Election, SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

SNP prove to be real opposition at Westminster


“The General Election result last month was incredible. SNP MPs were elected in almost every single Scottish constituency with an overwhelming mandate, having stood on a progressive platform endorsed by half of the electorate.

SNP are the party for working people

Addressing the SNP Trade Union Group conference in Stirling - which takes place on the same day as the anti-austerity march in Glasgow - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the SNP is the party for Scotland’s working people.