Labour warned over currency union threat

Former First Minister Henry McLeish has condemned Labour’s threat to try and stop Scotland using the pound following a Yes vote as a “serious miscalculation”, and an attempt “to thwart the settled will of the Scottish people".

Boris Johnson rallies Tories against more powers

The empty promises of the No camp over more powers for Scotland have been exposed today – after Boris Johnson sought to rally the Tories against more powers on the same day he admitted his plans to lead his party after the 2015 election.

DWP refuses to respond to MSP concerns on welfare

The DWP’s attitude to Scotland has been thrown into focus again this week- after Iain Duncan’s Smith’s department told MSPs it would refuse to respond to their serious concerns on the impact of Westminster’s welfare cuts in future.

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NHS investment sees cancer specialist numbers rise

The SNP is today welcoming new research showing that the number of NHS specialist cancer staff is on the rise thanks to Scottish Government investment in our NHS.

In response to Parliamentary Questions lodged by SNP MSP Aileen McLeod it was revealed that there has been a rise in numbers of oncologists, cancer clinical nurse specialists and radiography staff in recent years.

Poll shows No camp currency bluff has been called

Westminster’s currency bluff has faced a further blow today – after new polling revealed that people in Scotland back the Scottish Government’s common-sense plans to keep the pound and simply don’t believe the bluff and bluster from the No campaign.

Scotland can be successful independent country

The SNP has today called on senior No campaign politicians to end their shyness about Scotland’s prospects as an independent country and publicly accept what they have all previously stated – that Scotland could be a successful independent country.

Miliband concedes currency threat will cost rUK


Responding to remarks from Labour Leader Ed Miliband in a TV interview tonight, in which the Labour Leader admitted that his threat to block a currency union with Scotland would cost businesses in England ‘hundreds of millions’ of pounds, Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

Westminster "treacle" means no more powers


A report in today’s Financial Times where Ben Thomson, Chairman of the Devo Plus think tank, outlines his fears of a No vote and criticises the proposals by the Westminster parties has been highlighted by the SNP.