Scottish MPs warn Miliband to stay away

Claims in the Sunday Telegraph that Labour MPs have warned Ed Miliband to stay away from Scotland are a clear sign of a party in deep trouble.

One Scottish Labour MP is quoted saying "does Ed Miliband bring me votes? Absolutely not. If Ed wanted to campaign in my seat would I agree? I'm not sure... You wouldn't want him out campaigning in a shopping mall".

Plans for secret taxpayer-funded polls condemned

Revelations in the Sunday Post that the Westminster Government is set to carry out secret opinion polling ahead of the election worth over £11,000, funded by the taxpayer, have been condemned.

Murphy challenged over donations

Jim Murphy has been challenged to say he will not accept money from Sir David Garrard after revelations in the Sunday Times on his use of offshore trusts.

Murphy under pressure to make up mind on election

SNP candidate for East Renfrewshire Kirsten Oswald has today written to Jim Murphy seeking urgent clarification on whether he will stand in the General Election.

SNP MPs will put heart into economic policy

Ahead of campaigning in Glasgow with SNP Westminster candidates, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today said SNP MPs will use their influence to put heart into Westminster economic policy.

Case for sanctions investigation is "unanswerable"

Reports today of a rise in the number of sanctions underline the need for an investigation into the DWP sanctioning practices, the SNP has said.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act showing that the number of claimants of Job Seekers Allowance across the UK facing sanctions has increased from 10 per cent in 2010 to 18 per cent in 2013/14.

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UK Government must act now on North Sea

The SNP is today calling on the UK Government to bring forward immediate support for the North Sea oil industry – after Sir Ian Wood warned that 6bn barrels of oil reserves could be abandoned without reform of the tax regime for offshore drilling.

Tory EU plans highlight need for four nation lock

The SNP is today calling for all UK parties which support European Union membership to back Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to require all four UK nations to vote for withdrawal before the UK could leave – after it emerged that David Cameron is considering moving forward his planned in/out referendum to 2016.

Trident costs 'spiralling out of control'

Reports in today’s Sunday Herald newspaper show that before parliament has even debated the renewal of Trident, billions of pounds have been allocated or spent on the deadly weapons system. In addition there has been a massive underestimate in costs associated with designing reactors. 

FM: SNP to demand end to slash and burn economics

First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon is today (Saturday) joining campaigners on the first SNP Day of Action of the General Election 2015 campaign to highlight the clout a strong team of SNP MPs will have in making the case for an alternative to austerity.