Labour's Lord Glasman rubbishes Lab poll rebuttal

The Scottish National Party focused on comments by Labour peer and former policy guru to Ed Miliband, Lord Glasman, who has said that Labour can win the election UK-wide even if it loses in Scotland - contradicting Jim Murphy's rebuttal to the Ashcroft polling today.

SNP Depute Leader Stewart Hosie said:

Confidence in Scots NHS higher than anywhere in UK

The SNP is today highlighting polling evidence showing that confidence in the NHS is higher in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK – while the Labour-run Welsh NHS has the lowest confidence figures.

Strength of Scotland's renewables industry shown

The SNP is today welcoming new figures showing the ‘incredible strength’ of Scotland’s renewable energy industry.

The data published by WWF Scotland shows that in January 2015 wind turbines alone produced enough energy to supply, on average, the electricity needs of 3.5m homes – equivalent to 146 per cent of Scottish households.

SNP taking nothing for granted from poll

The Scottish National Party welcomed the 16 constituency polls published by Lord Ashcroft polling this morning - which has full sample polls in 14 Labour seats and two Lib Dem seats, with the SNP projected to win all but one.

Carmichael gives game away on Smith veto

Commenting on Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael’s admission, in evidence today to Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee, that the UK Government has inserted blocking clauses into its proposals for more devolution, Linda Fabiani MSP said:

Poll shows Murphy's reverse honeymoon continues

Additional findings of a YouGov poll for the Times published today have revealed that Labour is on course for an even worse result than Iain Gray’s landslide defeat in 2011.

Hague's EVEL plans are confused and shambolic


Commenting on the proposals outlined today by William Hague for English votes for English laws as a consequence of the statement made by Prime Minister after the Scottish referendum last year – Stewart Hosie MP, SNP Depute leader  and Treasury spokesperson said :


Automatic early release ended for worst offenders

The announcement that automatic early release will be scrapped for those guilty of serious offences has been welcomed today as an important move to keep communities safe.

The Scottish Government has announced that no offender serving a sentence of four or more years will be eligible for automatic early release in the future.

Poll shows Labour paying price for Tory alliance

The SNP is today welcoming a new YouGov poll showing a record lead for the party in Westminster voting intentions – with Labour set to pay a high price for their alliance with the Tories.

Energy companies must answer over prices

The Scottish National party has said energy companies must answer over prices following a Which? report which shows bills could have been slashed further and sooner than the recent round of cuts, costing consumers a massive £2.9 billion over the last year.