1000 extra police target continues to be met


The SNP has today welcomed figures showing that Scotland has continued to maintain 1,000 extra police officers since when the SNP took office.

And Scotland’s commitment to public service and justice has been backed up by research showing differing approaches to policing north and south of the border.

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Jobseekers forced to work zero hours contracts

The Scottish National Party has condemned UK government plans to sanction jobseekers if they fail to agree to controversial contracts.

Tories have handed Scotland worst deal in Europe

As the Tories launched their European campaign today, the SNP has highlighted the fact that it is the Tories in Westminster who have handed Scotland the worst CAP deal in Europe and negotiated Scotland to the bottom of the CAP funding league tables.

Research sector must not be risked by Westminster

Scotland’s hugely important research sector must not be put at risk by Westminster’s anti-Europe agenda, the SNP has warned today.

Since 2007, Scottish universities and research institutions have secured over €500 million in funding from the EU, helping to cement Scotland’s place at the cutting edge of research and innovation in a host of sectors.

Oil & Gas highlights Scotland's economic potential


A new report showing the economic strengths in Scotland’s Oil and Gas industry supply chain is today being welcomed by the SNP as further evidence that Scotland can be independent.

LibDems must be honest on Westminster EU threat

The LibDems have been challenged to be honest with people in Scotland on the threat Westminster poses to EU membership, as the party launched its European election campaign.

In March, Alistair Carmichael told an NFUS audience that “there is no question of there being a referendum; there is no mechanism for the Conservatives to deliver the referendum in 2017. That is the hard political fact.”

Alexander told: give speed cameras "a fair chance"


The SNP is today welcoming an expert contribution to the discussion surrounding the Scottish Government’s drive to improve road safety on the A9.

European experts back SNP 'common sense' on Europe

The SNP has welcomed comments from a range of European experts backing the Scottish Government’s common sense position on EU membership – and highlighting the significant role Scotland could play as an independent member.

SNP record success three years on


The SNP’s record of achievement in government over the last three years has been highlighted – and demonstrates the need for a Yes vote to build on the gains of devolution.

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Cameron happy to debate UKIP but not Scotland's FM

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on Prime Minister David Cameron to “stop snubbing Scotland” and at long last agree to a debate with First Minister Alex Salmond in advance of the independence referendum in September.