SNP Welcome "long overdue" CMA inquiry

Commenting on the Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) decision to launch a market investigation of the small business banking sector, SNP Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:


“The CMA’s inquiry is very welcome as Scottish firms are operating in a virtual duopoly. 


Poll analysis shows majority want to remain in EU

Analysis of polling on the prospect of the UK withdrawing from the European Union has underlined the importance of ensuring Scotland cannot be dragged out against the will of people living here.

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Islands call for new powers for island communities

A call from Scotland’s island communities for an expansion in the Scottish Parliament’s powers to be accompanied by increased powers for islands has been welcomed today.

New figures show folly of Westminster's EU agenda

New figures reported today highlighting the huge economic contribution made to the UK by EU migrants confirms the folly of Westminster’s Euro-hostile agenda – and shows why Scotland needs to have its voice heard on EU matters.

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Social landlords call for full welfare devolution

Scotland’s social landlords have become the latest voice to back the devolution of welfare powers to Scotland.

Charity bodies call for minimum wage devolution

Submissions to the Smith Commission by major third sector organisations calling for the devolution of the minimum wage, key welfare policies and significant tax powers reflect the broad consensus that Scotland needs to be able to set its own direction.

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New poll shows SNP support at record high

A new poll showing support for the SNP at a record high has been welcomed today – while the crisis in the Labour Party intensifies as the party’s support has hit a new low.

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Need for four-nation approval "worth considering"

Welsh Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones has today said that an EU exit on the basis of English votes “could trigger a constitutional crisis”.

Last week, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon proposed amending any EU Referendum Bill to mean that a majority would have to vote in favour of EU withdrawal in each of the four UK nations before it could be triggered.

UK poverty performance failing in Europe


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More polling evidence shows Labour in meltdown

The SNP is today highlighting further polling evidence showing a dramatic surge in SNP support – while Labour’s crisis continues as their support plummets.

The average of the Scottish samples of Lord Ashcroft’s polls since the referendum shows support for the SNP standing at 46 per cent – while Labour supports lags 20 points behind on 26 per cent.

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