Scotland must stand up to UKIP intolerant politics

The SNP has today called on everyone who believes in a welcoming, multicultural Scotland to use their vote on the 22nd of May and send the clear message that UKIP’s politics of intolerance has no place in Scotland.

Salmond - No one believes Tories on devolution

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s visit to Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Nobody will believe Tory promises of more powers for Scotland, because the last time that happened the only thing Scotland got was Thatcherism and 18 years of Tory governments we didn’t vote for.

Cameron admits: We've buried the poll

The SNP tonight renewed calls for the Westminster Government to publish the independence poll they have gone to such great lengths to keep hidden – and once again called on David Cameron to debate the First Minister ahead of the referendum.

Blow to Cameron as Project Fear claims quashed

The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from former senior British diplomat Colin Munro who said “tough but sensible” negotiations would be held on forming a currency union following a vote for Scottish independence.

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SNP provide the strongest voice for fishing

The SNP has today published its fishing priorities for Europe with a call to make sure that Westminster Governments can never again treat Scotland’s fishing communities as ‘expendable’.

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New poll shows strong SNP lead

A new poll has shown the SNP maintaining a strong lead as Scotland’s most popular party – and the opposition parties struggling to make any progress as their tactics of opposition for opposition’s sake continue to fail.

A new poll by Survation shows the SNP vote standing at 44 per cent – with Labour trailing 12 points behind on 32 per cent.

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Scots Tory leader gags MP colleagues on Yes surge

The No campaign has faced embarrassment today, as David Cameron’s visit to Scotland coincided with a speech by Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson telling Westminster Tories to butt out of the referendum campaign.

MoD under fire over 'battalion' of press officers

As the Ministry of Defence faces criticism over deep cuts to frontline service personnel, and renewing the immoral and hugely expensive Trident system, a parliamentary question by the SNP has revealed that the MoD is still employing a “battalion” of over 500 press and communication officers in its Whitehall machine.


Secret poll sensation: confessions mar PM visit


David Cameron must use his visit to Scotland today as a chance to come clean and reveal the findings of a poll controversially kept secret by the UK Government, the SNP has said today.

Home Office snubs Scottish Parliament committee

The UK Government’s ‘respect agenda’ towards Scotland faced another blow today – after it was revealed that representatives of the Home Office have refused to appear before the Scottish Parliament’s European and External Relations Committee.