SNP MEPs and Yes will secure best deal in Europe

SNP Conference has said that a strong team of SNP MEPs and an independent Scotland is the only way to guarantee that Scotland’s voice is always heard in Europe.

SNP14: Efforts to secure recovery welcomed

SNP Conference has today welcomed the positive signs of recovery in the Scottish economy, but warned of the damage that Westminster’s austerity agenda is inflicting.

Alexander threatens further betrayal of students

The Liberal Democrats appear to have completely lost touch with reality, the SNP has said, after the Chief Secretary to the Treasury refused to rule out further rises in tuition fees in the rest of the UK after the election. 

SNP14: Scotland can be best place to grow up

SNP Conference has today welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to additional funding to support free school meals and a significant expansion in childcare provision – as well as the transformational childcare plans outlined in Scotland’s Future.

Independent Scotland 'can tackle low pay'

The SNP Conference has today welcomed the commitment to launch a Fair Work Commission after a Yes vote – which will ensure that the minimum wage rises at least in line with inflation.

Conference: Anniversary underlines need for Yes

SNP Conference has today said that the twenty five year anniversary of the introduction of the Poll Tax and one year anniversary of the Bedroom Tax have underlined the need for a Yes vote, to end the democratic deficit that allows Westminster to impose such unjust measures against the wishes of people in Scotland.

Conference condemns Westminster's farming failure

SNP Conference has today sent out the clear message that the UK’s failure to stand up for farmers in Scotland is unacceptable and only an independent Scotland will secure the support farmers need.

Conference highlights renewable energy potential

SNP Conference has today highlighted the huge potential of Scotland’s renewable energy industry – which has the ability to create jobs, keep consumer bills down and keep the lights on across the whole of the UK.

Conference backs vision set of Scotland's Future

SNP Conference has today backed the vision for an independent Scotland set out in Scotland’s Future, the blueprint for what a Yes vote will mean for people in Scotland published last November.

Call to make Scotland's mark in Europe

SNP Conference today heard a call to make Scotland’s mark in Europe as the party’s six European election candidates were introduced.

A strong team of MEPs is critical to ensuring that Scotland’s voice is heard in Europe and only the SNP can say that its only priority in Europe is to stand up for Scotland and fight for the interests of all of the people living here.