FM announces poll tax debt "dead and buried"


The Poll Tax is to be “dead and buried” in Scotland with the announcement today that councils will no longer be able to chase up historic Poll Tax debts.

Scotland tops world in ‘THE’ university rankings


The SNP is today welcoming news that Scottish universities have climbed The Higher Education (THE) Times university world rankings and Scotland has been described as “really standing out as one of the strongest higher education countries in the world” by a leading higher education expert.

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Roll-out of Universal Credit must be halted

Nicola Sturgeon has today written to the Prime Minister asking that the roll-out of Universal Credit be halted in Scotland pending the conclusion of the process to deliver substantial new powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Call for "meaningful" debate on more powers

The SNP has called for a “meaningful” debate in the House of Commons on Westminster's 'vow' of more powers for Scotland as it has been revealed that the debate secured by the former Prime Minister is nothing more than an end of session half hour debate, which would only involve him and a Scotland Office Minister.


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Cameron must honour powers commitment to Scotland

The SNP is today calling on the Westminster parties to honour their “vow” to the people of Scotland – as David Cameron’s speech to Tory conference confirms £25bn cuts are still to come.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said:

Cameron delivers blow to Scotland's pensioners


The SNP has today accused David Cameron of delivering ‘a blow to pensioners’ following the Prime Minister’s Tory party conference speech.

SNP membership soars to over 75,000

SNP membership has soared to over 75,000 today – as almost 50,000 new members joined the party in less than two weeks.

The SNP is an incredibly strong position as by far the third largest party in the UK as a whole – overtaking the Lib Dems – and picking up more and more support from traditional Labour heartlands.

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Salmond comments on Brown's latest proposals

Commenting on Gordon Brown’s latest devolution proposals, First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“This is an astonishing development. How can Gordon Brown call for people to sign a petition urging Westminster to keep its promises on more powers for Scotland when he himself has already said that is a vow which will be honoured?

Westminster can't ignore public views on fracking

SNP MSP Angus MacDonald has welcomed a response from John Swinney agreeing that the powers over unconventional oil and gas should be in Scotland’s hands – after Westminster ignored the objections of the Scottish Government to their plans to remove the right of householders to object to fracking beneath their homes.

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