SNP rejects "concerted attempt to foster division"

Welcoming the latest Panelbase poll, which put support for Yes at 47% when the undecided are pressed on how they would vote tomorrow, the SNP has said that the referendum is about democracy – not identity. 

Meanwhile, the party also condemned the reaction by some to the Queen’s opening remarks to the Church of Scotland General Assembly as concerted attempts to fo

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What a Yes vote means for immigration

The Scottish Government’s White Paper ‘Scotland’s Future’ lays out our approach.

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Danny Alexander confirms no border checkpoints


This week’s admission by the UK government that there would be no border checkpoints between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK serves as further embarrassment to the No campaign and is the latest in a long line of backfiring scare stories.

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Yes offers chance for more equal society

Westminster’s track record on poverty has faced fresh criticism – after new figures showed that the UK has the fifth highest level of poverty out of the top 20 economies for which figures are available.


No camp refuses to debate


The anti-independence parties have been challenged to have the courage to let voters hear both sides of the argument in the referendum – after it emerged that the No campaign has been instructing speakers to pull out of debates.

Euro 2014 - SNP out in force on final Saturday

As the European election campaign enters its final few days, the SNP’s six candidates have joined activists across Scotland calling on voters to make Scotland’s mark in Europe – and reject the ‘nasty’ UKIP-driven agenda.

UK gov criticised for penalisation of whisky trade


On World Whisky Day (Saturday) the Scottish National Party has criticised the UK government for charging Scottish organisations to promote whisky in UK embassies, despite Scots taxpayers contributing to Foreign Office hospitality.


SNP comments on delayed Chilcot report


A senior Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin has described delays to the publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq War as ‘very serious’ following a 4 year delay. The Chairman of the House of Commons Public Administration Committee also urged ministers to ‘sort this out.’

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Scotland must stand up to UKIP intolerant politics

The SNP has today called on everyone who believes in a welcoming, multicultural Scotland to use their vote on the 22nd of May and send the clear message that UKIP’s politics of intolerance has no place in Scotland.

Salmond - No one believes Tories on devolution

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s visit to Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Nobody will believe Tory promises of more powers for Scotland, because the last time that happened the only thing Scotland got was Thatcherism and 18 years of Tory governments we didn’t vote for.