UK Gov minister admits pensions safe with Yes vote


The SNP is today welcoming confirmation from a UK Government Minister that pensions will be secure following a Yes vote.

Welfare reform impacting on mental health

The Scottish National Party has criticised the UK government for failing benefits claimants with mental health problems. 


Local MSP welcomes 'common sense' on Haudagain

Aberdeen Donside MSP Mark McDonald has welcomed the decision of Aberdeen City Council to allow officials to engage with the local community and the Scottish Government on the Haudagain roundabout project as a victory for common sense.

MSP leads debate on dangerous dogs

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson has today led a debate in the Scottish Parliament encouraging responsible dog ownership – and discussing ways to tackle anti-social behaviour associated with a minority of irresponsible dog owners.

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SPT must cut expenses bill

The SNP is demanding Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) rein in their expenses bill following a revelation in today’s Evening Times that they blew £38,000 on trips across the world.

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Academics say Yes would see research thrive

More than 100 academics have written an open letter highlighting the advantages to university research from a Yes vote – and the risks to Scotland’s funding from any No vote.

Labour MP condemns Westminster committee 'stunt'


Welsh Labour MP, Paul Flynn walked out in protest of the Public Administration Committee at Westminster this morning - and later claimed the Committee was "flagrantly being used by new chair for party political purposes."  

1000 extra police target continues to be met


The SNP has today welcomed figures showing that Scotland has continued to maintain 1,000 extra police officers since when the SNP took office.

And Scotland’s commitment to public service and justice has been backed up by research showing differing approaches to policing north and south of the border.

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Jobseekers forced to work zero hours contracts

The Scottish National Party has condemned UK government plans to sanction jobseekers if they fail to agree to controversial contracts.