SNP 'stronger for Scotland' as support grows

Ahead of the SNP’s Annual National Conference in Perth, the SNP is ‘Stronger for Scotland’, with growing support across the country showing that the party has become the national party of Scotland.

Poll shows SNP only one point behind UK Lib Dems

The SNP has welcomed another new poll showing strong support for the party ahead of next year’s General Election – which shows the SNP only one point behind the Lib Dems at UK level.

The UK-wide poll by Ipsos-Mori shows SNP support standing at 8 per cent amongst people in the whole of the UK – only slightly behind the Lib Dems on 9 per cent.

Labour votes to continue welfare cuts for disabled

Labour have been accused of an appalling error of judgement today after voting to continue the rollout of Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) that are set to see Scotland’s disabled people lose out on support worth at least £1,120 per year.

Alexander confirms Westminster commitment to cuts

Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander’s admission today that he is committed to an additional “tens of billions of pounds” of further cuts after the next election has increased the pressure on his party to detail where the impact of their cuts will fall – and shows why full control over the economy should be transferred to Scotland.

UK under pressure on nuclear weapons


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Statistics show progress on tackling gender gap

Evidence in the latest employment statistics showing that Scotland is outperforming the rest of the UK when it comes to reducing the gap between male and female employment is a welcome sign of progress.

Parliament hears evidence on minimum wage call

Calls for responsibility for setting the minimum wage to be devolved to Scotland grew today as the Scottish Parliament took evidence backing the move.

Giving evidence to the Welfare Reform Committee, Professor David Bell stated “I don’t have any problem with setting a Minimum Wage differently, in different parts of the UK indeed and therefore it seems to me quite appropriate for Scotland.”

Osborne plans further cuts of £30bn

The news that George Osborne is drawing up a hitlist of £30bn of further cuts shows what the Tories have in store for Scotland after the next election - and demonstrates why control over the economy and spending should be in Scotland's hands rather than Westminster's.

Westminster shambles on European Arrest Warrant


Commenting on the shambolic scenes in the House of Commons today when the Westminster Government reneged on a commitment to have a vote on opting in to the European Arrest Warrant - because it was alarmed by the prospect of a Tory backbench rebellion on the matter - Pete Wishart MP, SNP Home Affairs spokesperson said:  


Sturgeon calls for devolution of minimum wage

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is today urging the Westminster parties to back proposals to devolve powers over the minimum wage to Scotland as a key measure in tacking poverty.