Lab embarrassment as members vote to scrap Trident

The Labour Party has faced embarrassment over its position on Trident as it is revealed 50 Labour party branches- including 5 in Scotland- have called for Trident to be scrapped. 

Lib Dem Bedroom Tax u-turn underlines need for Yes

In the week where the Lib Dems have at long last been forced into a screeching U-turn on the Bedroom Tax, the SNP is highlighting the rest of the damage the Westminster Government they have propped up has inflicted.

Warning over UK Cabinet's entrenched EU hostility

The Scottish National Party has warned of “entrenched euro-scepticism” at the heart of Westminster following David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle this week.

More cuts only thing on offer from Westminster

The SNP is today highlighting the need to vote Yes to invest in a better future – as Ed Miliband makes it clear his party is committed to further cuts.

In a speech to the party’s national policy forum, the Labour leader told activists that a Labour government would not reverse spending cuts.

Swinney: Yes vote will grow Scotland's economy

John Swinney MSP will today visit the people and businesses of Aberfeldy at the end of a week where the strength and potential of Scotland’s economy has been highlighted by figures showing record levels of employment and Scotland’s growth rate outstripping that of the UK.

SNP MSP welcomes Pride Glasgow

Speaking ahead of the Gay Pride Parade and Main Event in Glasgow today, James Dornan, SNP MSP for Glasgow Cathcart said:

Mayors complete anti-nuclear cycle across Scotland

SNP MSP Bill Kidd has said that the “eyes of the world are on Scotland” ahead of the arrival at Faslane of representatives of Mayors for Peace campaigning for the end of nuclear weapons.

Urgent action needed to save Royal Mail services



Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons Mike Weir MP, SNP postal services spokesman, has called upon the UK government to take urgent action to protect the postal Universal Service Obligation.


Police cuts highlight Tale of Two Governments


New official figures showing a 12 year low in the number of police officers in England and Wales has been highlighted as an example of The Tale of Two Governments by the SNP.