PM's coat on a shoogly peg - but feart to debate

Following reports this week that Prime Minister David Cameron will be forced to stand down in the event of a Yes vote, the SNP is today issuing a fresh call for a debate with the First Minister ahead of the referendum.

Own goal for Labour on Bedroom Tax

The Scottish National Party has called on Scottish Labour to confirm their position on the Bedroom Tax following an evident split in the party during a Westminster debate. The Scottish Affairs Committee was debating recommendations of a report which said Bedroom Tax arrears should be written off and payments should be refunded.

SNP call on No to pulp the fiction on pensions

This week’s pensions admission by the UK government serves as further embarrassment to the No campaign and is the latest in a long line of backfiring scare stories.

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North East Scotland best represented by SNP MEPs

The SNP has today made clear that a vote for the party on 22nd of May will secure the best deal for Scotland’s fishing industry and improved living standards for ordinary Scots.

Populus super-poll finds Scots reject UKIP

The SNP has today welcomed an opinion poll showing a lead over Labour in Westminster voting intentions - and Scotland continuing to reject UKIP.

The Populus poll of over 1600 people across Scotland shows the SNP ahead of the Westminster parties. As well as this, the SNP is the most popular party among female voters.

SNP put social priorities first for Europe

The SNP has launched its social priorities for Europe with a call to use the European election on the 22nd of May to ensure that Scotland continues to build on the progress of the Scottish Parliament.

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Danny Alexander’s A9 comments contradict Lib Dems

The SNP has today called on Danny Alexander to clarify his party’s position on speed cameras following the revelation in today's Press and Journal that Lib Dems have called for and welcomed speed cameras on several occasions in various locations across the rUK.

MEP calls for Scottish Eurovision entry

SNP MEP and candidate in this month’s European election Alyn Smith has renewed his call for Scotland to be represented in the Eurovision song contest.

No campaign all at sea on Trident removal


Commenting on former Defence minister Admiral Lord West’s interview on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme this morning  on the timetable for the removal of Trident from Scotland following a Yes vote – which clearly highlighted the divisions in the no camp – Angus Robertson MP SNP Westminster leader and Defence spokesperson said: