Yes vote - Our one opportunity to protect the NHS


The need to protect Scotland’s NHS from Westminster’s cuts and privatisation agenda is being highlighted again today – as cross-border comparisons confirmed the damage being inflicted on hospitals in the north of England.


Week of warnings on devolution


Call to Labour : Support NHS constitution pledge



The SNP is calling on Johann Lamont and the Scottish Labour Party to commit to supporting the proposal to enshrine the future of the NHS in Scotland’s constitution after a Yes vote.


Budget cuts and EU exit would follow No vote

The SNP is today highlighting the results of a major ESRC study which shows that people in Scotland recognise that Scotland’s budget would be cut substantially in the event of a No vote and believe that the UK will vote to leave the European Union in David Cameron’s in/out referendum.

Yes vote saving worth 2,300 FTE childcare staff

The SNP has today highlighted new research showing the cost of maintaining the Westminster system in Scotland is equivalent to 2,305 full time childcare workers.

Westminster offer to Scotland's islands falls flat

The UK Government’s belated offer to Scotland’s island communities falls well short of the opportunities offered by a Yes vote, the SNP has said today.

Major oil find underlines bright future for sector

The announcement of a major oil find to the east of Shetland is the latest demonstration that Scotland’s oil & gas sector has a bright future ahead of it for decades to come.

Xcite Energy announced that its Bentley oil field find could produce more than 300 million barrels of oil over a 35 year period.

MSP comments on Ferguson Shipbuilders announcement

Responding to the announcement that Ferguson Shipbuilders, the last shipbuilders on the Lower Clyde has gone into receivership, MSP for West of Scotland Stuart McMillan said:

“This is terrible news for Ferguson Shipbuilders and all the workers who face an uncertain future.