Darling must explain his part in £4BN secret deal

The SNP is today calling on Alistair Darling to come clean on his role in a deal between the last Labour government, HBOS and UK financial regulators which resulted in a cover up of hundreds of millions of pounds of public money being secretly used.

Sturgeon highlights pensioners personal commitment

Scotland’s 1.2million pensioners are each receiving a personal commitment of a better pension from the Yes campaign. 

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SNP respond to NigeI Farage Campaigning for No

Responding to reports that Nigel Farage is planning a trip to Scotland to campaign for a No vote, SNP MSP Aileen McLeod said:

Angela Constance reflects on first Yes Night In

This week we saw the second TV debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling – and the polls showed the First Minister as the clear winner and that more and more people are waking up to the opportunities of a Yes vote.

Yes vote offers opportunity for young people

SNP MSPs Aileen Campbell and Angela Constance are today highlighting the opportunity of a Yes vote to guarantee access to education, training and employment for young people.

The draft constitution published by the Scottish Government sets out a guarantee of access to education, training or employment for young people aged up to 24.

Salmond: choice clear as No camp fails jobs test

First Minister Alex Salmond said the failure this week of the No campaign to offer a single new job-creating power has become the defining moment of the independence referendum campaign.

Mr Salmond said the ability to create more jobs here in Scotland is crucial, which is why so many people are waking up to the opportunity of independence and moving towards a Yes vote.

Ewing welcomes new oil production statistics

SNP Energy Spokesperson Fergus Ewing has welcomed new oil and gas production statistics published by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change which have been hailed as showing a turning point for the industry.

Yes vote is the opportunity to cut Tourism Tax

Comments from Michael O’Leary highlight the need to cut Westminster’s ‘ridiculous’ levels of Air Passenger Duty, the SNP has said today – after the Ryanair Chief Executive said that Prestwick Airport has been “badly harmed” by APD.

Yes childcare plan will save families almost £5000

Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which means Independence offers the opportunity to transform childcare and save families almost £5,000 a year, Alex Salmond said today.

During a visit to a soft-play centre in Edinburgh, the First Minister said that only the full powers a Yes vote can bring will enable us to transform childcare.

Labour voters think Salmond won debate by 2 to 1

Welcoming the Survation poll in the Daily Mail, conducted in the aftermath of the BBC referendum debate on Monday, the Scottish National Party pointed out that an overall 80 per cent of people believe that Alex Salmond won the debate, when 'don't knows' are excluded, compared to 20 per cent for Alistair Darling.