Tory hypocrisy on dire investment warnings

The UK Government is today facing accusations of hypocrisy after their dire warnings regarding inward investment in Scotland during 2014 have failed to materialise – and Scottish Secretary David Mundell has tried to claim credit for Scotland’s strong performance.

Chilcot delay "democratic outrage"


SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has asked the Chancellor during Prime Minister’s Questions to confirm if the Chilcot inquiry on the Iraq war will be delayed until next year.


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Female employment in Scotland hits new record high

The SNP is today welcoming new labour market figures showing that female employment in Scotland has reached a new record high.

Figures published today show that female employment now stands at 72.5 per cent – while youth unemployment is at its lowest level in six years and the number of people in work continues to grow.

Smokescreen as leaked memo scandal reignites


The SNP has today condemned The Scotland Office for blocking the release of information about a leaked memo of a conversation between Nicola Sturgeon and French ambassador Sylvie Bermann.

A report in today’s The National reveals that a Freedom of Information request on declined on the basis ‘it would damage French relations’ with the UK Government.

Tory renewable energy policy “completely confused”

The SNP has today welcomed comments in support of onshore wind by Tory MSP Jamie McGrigor in support of onshore wind farms but called Tory renewable energy policy “completely confused”, as Tory Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is preparing to cut support for o

Labour 'sitting on hands' on EU purdah vote


SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alex Salmond MP has said Labour are again "sitting on their hands" following a vote on the EU Referendum Bill on purdah restrictions.

An amendment to the EU Referendum Bill calling for purdah could have seen the UK Government’s first defeat since May’s election- however Labour MPs abstained. 

Council tax reduction scheme figures welcomed

The SNP has welcomed the publication of the latest figures on the Council Tax Reduction scheme – which show that over half a million vulnerable and low income households have received help from the Scottish Government and been protected from Tory cuts.

82 % rise in number registered with dentists


The SNP has today welcomed new figures showing over 4.7 million patients are now registered with an NHS dentist in Scotland - an 82% increase since March 2007.

Labour identity crisis - an opportunity for change

The SNP has today welcomed comments by Labour deputy leadership candidate Alex Rowley MSP, calling on Labour to have an "open discussion" about full fiscal autonomy.

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SNP comment on Scotland Bill


Commenting on the Scotland Bill this evening, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:


"Labour are all over the place on more powers for Scotland.


"Tonight Labour abstained on amendments for full fiscal autonomy, as well as a vote to recognise the permanence of the Scottish Parliament.