Yes is an opportunity for Scotland's older people

The SNP is today highlighting how a Yes vote will leave new pensioners in Scotland £260 per year better off, protect pension rights and ensure Scotland has a pension age appropriate to our circumstances.

Miliband must admit threat to NHS from No vote

Ahead of an expected visit from Ed Miliband to Scotland today (Friday), Scotland’s Health Secretary Alex Neil challenged the Labour Leader to come clean on the huge impact that NHS privatisation in England will have on Scotland.

Labour south of the border are warning in the strongest possible terms about the destruction of the NHS in England.

Extra Scottish Government NHS funding welcomed

The SNP has welcomed a further £5m investment in patient care from the Scottish Government – and pointed out the need to vote Yes to protect our NHS. 

Alex Neil today announced the funding to help health boards improve the flow of patients through health and social care services in a further demonstration of the Scottish Government’s commitment to the NHS.

UK gov needs to "think again" on tribunal fees


The SNP has today welcomed comments from a number of employment law specialists - that have condemned the UK government’s controversial employment tribunal fees - and said that only with independence can a fairer system be delivered.

Trident removal would send 'monumental' message

Scotland’s potential to lead the way on nuclear disarmament has been highlighted again today – after the Director of the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons Project and the former Mayor of Hiroshima backed calls to remove Trident from Scotland after a Yes vote.

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Johnson speech "should set alarm bells ringing"

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s speech on Europe this morning, SNP Westminster Leader and foreign affairs spokesperson Angus Robertson MP said:

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FM: Yes offers 'golden opportunity' for business

First Minister Alex Salmond today (Wednesday) said independence is the business opportunity of a lifetime for Scottish companies.

Speaking at a Business for Scotland conference in Edinburgh, the First Minister welcomed a new report, written by academic and business experts, which sets out how the powers of independence can be used to maximise job creation and business potential.

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Bad timing for Darling: No accept more Taylor cash

Commenting on reports that the No camp has taken further cash donations from Ian Taylor has today been described as “bad timing for Alastair Darling” by the SNP.

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Call for apology as Labour scare story collapses

Labour are facing calls for an apology after claims that strong exam results would make it more difficult for students to win places at college and university were blown apart in under 24 hours.

Labour’s Kezia Dugdale yesterday claimed that “increased number of students achieving strong results is great news, but this will heighten the competition for places at universities and colleges."

Financial experts criticise 'unbalanced' committee

As leading voices in Scotland’s financial sector criticise Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee over its one-sided agenda, the SNP has said it is long past time for the committee to end its ridiculous scaremongering.