Experts confirm rUK will need Scottish electricity

Remarks by energy experts highlighting the reliance of the rest of the UK on Scottish energy have underlined why it will be in the interests of the rest of the UK to continue to work closely with an independent Scotland on energy matters.

No camp hypocrisy on the Clyde


Glasgow Southside MSP Nicola Sturgeon has today called on the No campaign to stop their hypocritical scaremongering about shipbuilding, following reports that plans for a new facility at Scotstoun yard in Glasgow means that Govan shipyard is in danger of closure.

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UK Govt pressure on companies must be disclosed

The Scottish National Party announced today (Thursday) that it is tabling a series of Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions at Westminster to demand "full disclosure" of UK government activities to pressurise business people to speak out on behalf of the No campaign.

Labour split as MPs boycott conference

Commenting on reports in today’s Herald that a number of Labour MPs plan to boycott Scottish Labour’s party conference in March, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

Anti-poverty campaigner backs Yes vote

The SNP has today welcomed the announcement that Bob Holman, a prominent anti-poverty campaigner in the east end of Glasgow and member of the Labour party, will vote Yes in the independence referendum.

MSP's concern at growing reliance on foodbanks

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan will today lead a debate in the Scottish Parliament expressing concern regarding the increasing number of people in Scotland relying on foodbanks.

Reference group a step forward on corroboration

The announcement of a reference group to consider additional safeguards following the abolition of corroboration has been described as a key step forward today.

More action to mitigate Bedroom Tax

The passage of the SNP Government’s budget in the Scottish Parliament today will boost Scotland’s economy, help with the cost of living and deliver vital action to mitigate Westminster’s disastrous Bedroom Tax.

With a majority of parliament endorsing additional funds to help combat the Bedroom Tax SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said it showed Scotland should have the powers to scrap the bedroom tax.

Westminster immigration system not working


The SNP is today (Wednesday) welcoming a report in the Financial Times highlighting the fact that the Westminster system’s ever tightening immigration restrictions are not working in Scotland’s interests.

Lib Dems' empty promises to people of Scotland

Commenting on Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie’s speech to the David Hume Institute, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Referendum Bill committee, said: