FM & DFM most trusted to stand up for Scotland

The SNP is today welcoming polling showing voters trust First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Deputy First Minister John Swinney to stand up for Scotland.

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Voters want SNP to hold balance of power in May

The SNP is today welcoming new polling, which shows that the SNP holding the balance of power in a hung Westminster parliament with a minority Labour government is the most popular General Election outcome among people in Scotland.

EU legislation to deter puppy smugglers welcome

Scottish Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith MEP has highlighted the serious health risks brought by puppy smugglers bringing pets into the UK in the run up to Christmas.

180% increase in emergency consultants welcomed

The SNP has highlighted the increasing number of emergency healthcare staff numbers as a sign of Scotland’s NHS being in good hands at this critical time of year.

Over the festive period, the Scottish Ambulance Service deals with an extra 6,000 incidents – a 20 per cent surge in emergency calls during peak periods.

Saltire e-update TEST for December 2014

Out of touch Miliband a liability during campaign

Reports today that Labour leader Ed Miliband was blocked from speaking at a rally on the eve of the referendum prove he is seen as a liability by his party, the SNP has said today.

SNP MSP supports calls for City Link investigation

Following news that delivery firm City Link has gone into administration, Glasgow MSP John Mason has supported calls for the UK Government to investigate the timing of the announcement.

Poll: Voters trust SNP to stand up for Scotland

The SNP is today (Sunday) welcoming a new poll showing that a majority of some two-to-one believe that a strong group of SNP MPs elected at the General Election will be best placed to stand up for Scotland's interests – and three-to-one believe that substantial more powers beyond those currently pro

Record year for concessionary travel scheme

A momentous year for the pensioners’ bus pass – with a record number of card holders and record average savings for card holders is being welcomed today by the SNP.