"Yes vote to improve gender equality"

The publication of academic research showing that significant numbers of people think that gender equality and childcare provision would improve in an independent Scotland has underlined the gains that can be made with a Yes vote.

Yes vote offers fair day's pay for fair day's work

An estimated 150,000 people could see a pay increase in an independent Scotland, new figures reveal.

In an independent Scotland the SNP will set up a commission to consider a new ‘Scottish Minimum Wage’ – which would at least rise in line with inflation.

700,000 people left Scotland in past 10 years


Official figures show that in average 70,000 people leave Scotland every year, which is over 700,000 over the past decade, illustrating how the No campaign has to answer questions on how they would reverse this exodus says SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell.

Yes vote will see wealth harnessed to cut poverty


Analysis of international GDP per head rankings underlines how wealthy a country Scotland is - and confirms the opportunity to make Scotland’s wealth work for everyone in Scotland that a Yes vote creates.

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Yes will release Scotland's food & drink potnetial


As the Saturday of this year’s Border Union Show gets underway the SNP has said that the huge potential of Scotland’s food and drink sector will be released with independence.

Farmers deliver no confidence vote in Westminster

Scotland’s farmers have delivered a vote of no confidence in Westminster – after a poll showed that 100 per cent of respondents believe that the role of DEFRA Secretary is “so ineffectual that it doesn’t matter who takes up the post”.

Tale of Two Governments on Council Tax

The SNP has pointed to the “Tale of Two Governments” following an exclusive report in today’s Independent newspaper revealing how Council Tax hikes south of the border are harming the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Darling must act on donor's links to Putin regime

The SNP has called on Alistair Darling to break his silence and hand back the No campaign’s donation from Ian Taylor - after further revelations showed the No camp donor’s business links to the Putin regime in Russia. 

Cameron's colleagues try to hide him from campaign

David Cameron’s plans to be based in Scotland for the final two weeks of the referendum campaign have been criticised by his UK Government colleagues – amidst concerns that his unpopularity will damage the No campaign.