50,000 Scottish pensioners lose benefits

50, 000 of Scotland's poorer pensioners who have saved for their retirement are now substantially worse off due to UK government cuts.

Yes vote to make Scotland fairer & more prosperous

The SNP will today highlight how a Yes vote can make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country during a visit to a Dumfries business.

John Swinney in Kelso: highlighting export power

Scotland’s potential on the world stage and the gains of independence will today be highlighted by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney in Kelso.

UK government in secret nuclear deal

The Scottish National Party has slammed the UK Government for committing to a secret decade-long agreement with the United States on nuclear weapons.

The Mutual Defence Agreement - which was first signed in 1958- has been given a 10-year extension by the UK Government. The new treaty has been kept confidential, denying the UK Parliament the opportunity to discuss it.

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UK government plans to raise tuition fees further

New UK Government plans to allow universities to raise tuition fees above their current £9,000 a year ceiling risk damaging the prospects of students from poorer backgrounds – and show the warped priorities of the Westminster establishment.

Choice between UK cuts or investment with Yes vote

Ahead of a public meeting in Inverurie tonight aimed at undecided voters, SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said that the referendum is a choice between two futures for Scotland.

Positive future for charities after Yes vote

Gavin McLellan, who works for a major charity in Scotland, has today made clear that he is “very optimistic” about the future for Scotland’s charities after a Yes vote in September.

Tory NHS privatisation 'a runaway freight train'

The privatisation of the NHS south of the border has become like “a runaway freight train” which threatens NHS funding in Scotland, Health Secretary Alex Neil has warned, after Labour today pleaded with the Tories to pause the process.

Tale of Two Governments on fracking

There is a clear contrast between Westminster’s “gung-ho” approach to Fracking, and the evidence-based, consensual approach being pursued by the Scottish Government, the SNP said today.

Only a Yes vote can protect Scotland's NHS

Today’s revelations of the crisis in the health service south of the border confirm that only a Yes vote can save Scotland’s NHS from the disastrous impact of Westminster’s cuts and privatisation agenda.