Business leaders back shared sterling plans

Scottish business leaders on all sides of the independence debate offered support for a currency union today as they called on the No campaign to set out more answers on the future of Scotland with a no vote.

Norway's oil fund growth shows Westminster's folly

The SNP has highlighted media reports showing that Norway’s oil fund is becoming so big that it may need to be managed differently – bringing into focus the stark contrast with Westminster’s squandering of North Sea oil revenues.

No campaign challenged on broadcasting powers

The anti-independence campaign has been challenged to end its silence on broadcasting powers for Scotland after a key intervention from BBC Scotland’s former head of news and current affairs.

MSP seeks action over Uganda's anti-gay law

SNP MSP James Dornan has written to the High Commission of Uganda regarding the passing of the country’s Anti-Homosexuality 2014 Act, which means gay people in Uganda can face life in prison for committing a homosexual act.

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Third of Scots less likely to vote Labour

The Scottish National Party has published new findings from the poll commissioned by the SNP and conducted by Panelbase. The sample size was 1,022 people aged 16+, fieldwork dates 18-21 February.

Vulnerable miss out on support at hands of UK Gov

Scotland will miss out on EU funding to help support our most vulnerable people as a result of needless opposition from the Westminster Government.

Cameron u-turn removes argument against debate

Welcoming David Cameron's agreement on STV news last night that he would be "delighted" to discuss independence with an audience of floating voters in an STV studio, First Minister Alex Salmond said that this was a "significant shift" in the Prime Minister's position, who has previously said that the debate was a matter for "Scots living in Scotland".

Even Tories admit: Etonians run Westminster

The SNP has today highlighted comments from the backbenches of the Tory party which further confirm the London-centric approach of the Westminster system.

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Labour threats to Scotland's EU funding must stop

SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP has today written to Labour’s leader in Scotland, Johann Lamont, calling on her to repudiate demands from her party colleagues for Scotland’s share of EU funding to be cut.

Experts meet to discuss eating disorders

SNP MSP Dennis Robertson is hosting the Scottish Eating Disorders Research Network Meeting in the Scottish Parliament today, as part of a week of events being held to mark Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014.