UKIP's anti-immigrant scaremongering crumbles

Nigel Farage and UKIP have faced ridicule today – after their desperate scaremongering on immigration was shown to be without foundation.

SNP welcome Dalgety Bay report decision


The SNP has welcomed news that the MoD has been forced to abandon attempts to block a report warning that radioactive contamination of military sites including Dalgety Bay could pose a risk to public health.

Osborne on wrong side of politics and economics

Commenting after the appearance of George Osborne and Sir Nicholas MacPherson at the Scottish Affairs Committee this afternoon, Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

“This was a desperate attempt from the Chancellor to try and recover some credibility, after his Sermon on the Pound completely backfired and has led to a surge in support for Yes.

Employment in Scotland at record high

The SNP has welcomed the publication of the latest labour market figures – which confirm that employment in Scotland has reached record levels.

No camp leaders must come clean on secret polling

The Scottish National Party today (Wednesday) called on the leaders of the No campaign to come clean and say if they have seen the UK Government’s taxpayer-funded opinion poll – at a cost of over £46,500.

'Heartless' UK minister causes outrage

The UK Government’s Employment Minister Esther McVey has caused outrage today – after repeating claims that the rise in people being forced to turn to foodbanks has nothing to do with Westminster’s welfare cuts.

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Nicola Sturgeon launches SNP European manifesto

The SNP has today launched its European election manifesto with a call to use the vote on the 22nd of May to secure further progress for Scotland by rejecting the anti-European, anti-devolution message of Nigel Farage’s UKIP.

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Progress on tackling pensioner poverty highlighted

The benefits of decisions being made in Scotland have been highlighted again today – as new figures show that Scotland has made more progress in tackling pensioner poverty than the rest of the UK since devolution.

First Minister tribute to Dick Douglas

Commenting on the death of Dick Douglas, SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond, said:

SNP MEPs will campaign for living wage progress

As the European Commission today reiterated that current EU regulations will prevent the introduction of a living wage requirement in public sector procurement contracts, the SNP has vowed to keep campaigning for a change in EU rules.