Vote Yes for your grandchildren, pensioners urged

SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon has today (Monday) called on pensioners in Scotland to vote Yes on Thursday - to ensure that their grandchildren are given the opportunities that years of Tory government denied to previous generations in Scotland.

Leading energy expert backs Yes vote

Peter Strachan, Professor of Energy Policy at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, and an expert on energy markets, has backed a Yes vote later this week.

Salmond - Bank revelations demand full disclosure

Commenting on revelations this evening from BBC Scotland that the Treasury sent unsolicited briefing to journalists at the Corporation about market sensitive information regarding the banking sector, before any announcement from banks themselves, First Minister Alex Salmond has demanded full disclosure on the issue.

DFM:Renewed confidence in Scotland can lead to Yes

As the biggest ever weekend of political campaigning in Scotland draws to a close Nicola Sturgeon has said to an audience at a Women for Independence event this afternoon that the growing self-confidence in Scotland can deliver a Yes vote on Thursday.

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Stiglitz urges focus on Scotland's 'shared vision'

Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz has urged voters to focus on Scotland’s future ahead of Thursday’s referendum. 

Harry Burns: NHS not safe in Westminster's hands

Sir Harry Burns, Scotland’s former chief medical officer, is today warning that the NHS is not safe in Westminster’s hands.

Case for RBS leak inquiry now unanswerable

First Minister Alex Salmond has written again to the head of the UK civil service Sir Jeremy Heywood, calling for an inquiry into the leak of market sensitive information regarding Royal Bank of Scotland.

Westminster revolt on powers "up and running"

Seizing on the comments by Tory MP Christopher Chope on BBC Radio 4's 'Week in Westminster' this morning - in which he said that there may be enough Tory MPs to block any additional powers for the Scottish Parliament if there was a No vote in the referendum - SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson MP said:

Day of celebration to follow Yes, says Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond has said a "day of celebration" will take place following a Yes vote, followed by the hard work of assembling Team Scotland to take the country forward - not a "day of reckoning" for the big companies drawn into the orchestrated campaign by Downing Street against Scottish independence.

Mr Salmond said:

Biggest campaign day in Scottish political history

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today urged people to believe in themselves and in Scotland by voting Yes and not to let the opportunity of a lifetime pass them by.

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