Brown must retract 'transparently false' claims

Gordon Brown has faced calls to retract his claims on inequality in a Sky News interview – which have been described as “transparently false” and which contradict the evidence of expert reports.

Inward investment hits 16 year high

With 100 days to go until the referendum, new figures have further underlined Scotland’s strong economy, with inward investment in Scotland reaching a 16 year high – creating more than 4,000 jobs and dismantling yet another No campaign scare story.

NHS Scotland praised by Canadian report


The SNP has today highlighted a report by a Canadian Heath watchdog that has praised Scotland’s NHS as a model of success.

The Wait Time Alliance - an organisation of physicians concerned about the amount of time patients spend waiting for health care – hails Scotland as a benchmark of success in reducing patient waiting times.

100 days to complete 100-Year home rule journey


Commenting as Scotland marks 100 days until the referendum tomorrow (Monday), First Minister Alex Salmond said that Scotland was an extraordinarily wealthy country, but for too many people it did not feel that way – and only a Yes vote can give Scotland the powers to build a fairer and more prosperous society.

Mr Salmond said:

Misfiring UK ministers scaremongering falls flat


After the latest in a series of embarrassing interventions by UK ministers in the independence debate, the SNP has repeated its call for David Cameron to agree to a head to head debate with the First Minister – rather than sending his hapless ministers north to spread the anti-independence message.

No leaders unpopularity will help deliver Yes vote


Commenting on the increasing unpopularity of the leaders of the No campaign – as highlighted in Friday’s poll by the Ipsos Mori poll – SNP MSP James Dornan said:

Better off Independent - virtually neck-in-neck


The SNP today highlighted the growing belief that an independent Scotland will be a wealthy nation, and will be economically better off than it is under Westminster control.

Ukip and Lords highlight need for a Yes vote


Ukip’s demand for more representatives in the House of Lords is further evidence why Scotland must vote Yes in September, the SNP has said today.

The call from UKIP's Lord Pearson for a larger Ukip presence in the unelected House of Lords comes after their victory in England in last month’s European elections.

Alyn Smith MEP said:

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