Potential oil finds west of Shetland highlighted

The SNP’s Fergus Ewing has welcomed comments from Professor John Howell, Chair of Petroleum Geology at the University of Aberdeen and one of Scotland's leading experts in petroleum geology, who has said Scotland could see a second oil boom as there may be major new oil finds west of Shetland. 

Swinney sets out 10 key strengths of economy

John Swinney has today said Westminster politicians are deliberately talking down the Scottish economy because the No campaign argument collapses completely if they admit to Scotland’s great wealth.

Oil experts condemn OBR forecasts

The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from two leading academics who have said Scotland has sufficient reserves of oil in its sovereign waters to support the economic plans put forward by the SNP. 

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Ewing welcomes Oil & Gas UK statement

The SNP’s Fergus Ewing has welcomed the statement from Oil and Gas UK today [Sunday] that they “remain of the view that there could be up to 24 billion barrels of oil and gas to recover.”  Their statement comes on the back of Professor Alex Kemp, one of the world’s leading oil economists, who h

Winter fuel allowance to increase with inflation

The Scottish National Party has announced that it would not only continue the Winter Fuel Allowance for all pensioners in Scotland following a Yes vote, but ensure that for the first time it will increase in line with inflation.

The Winter Fuel Allowance is currently £200 – exactly the same amount as in 2001, despite rising energy bills.

UK government slammed over malnutrition warning

The Scottish National Party has slammed the UK government for their cuts to welfare following a warning on an increase of malnutrition from health experts.

Danny Alexander' 'Thatcherite attitude' condemned

Alex Neil has today (Saturday) condemned the ‘Thatcherite attitude’ of Danny Alexander, after the Chief Secretary to the Treasury was reported to be set to ignore independent advice on NHS pay – with knock-on consequences for Scotland.

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Independent Scotland "higher in development table"

The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from the author of a Credit Suisse report ‘The Success of Small Countries,’ who said this morning “small countries are successful and in general better off than bigger countries.”

Six questions No camp still can't answer on NHS

As the referendum campaign gets in to full swing after the end of the Parliamentary session, the No campaign has come under renewed pressure to answer a series of questions about the future of the NHS in the event of a No vote.

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Independence guarantees for pensioners outlined

Nicola Sturgeon is today outlining key guarantees for pensioners offered by independence – and challenged Labour to back them instead of backing the Tories.