Labour chaos continues

The SNP is calling on Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont to reaffirm her party’s stance on free school meals and workers’ rights after a week that saw Labour councillors at odds with MSPs and MPs from their own party.

Scotland can lead on international development

Speaking at an international development debate in Dundee today [Saturday] SNP MP Mike Weir highlighted that an independent Scotland can follow the lead of other independent nations of a similar size and be a world leader on international development.  The Dundee event, titled “2014 matters: People, Planet and Scotland’s future”  is hosted by the World Development Mo

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Impact of currency puts Yes ahead

The Scottish National Party has welcomed the results of a ScotPulse survey, conducted among 1,148 people aged 16+ in Scotland.

It finds that of those definitely voting in the referendum, Yes and No support are both at 38 per cent, or 50 per cent each once 'don't knows' are excluded.

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Tories threaten rail links to north-east


The Scottish National Party have condemned the UK government for threatening rail links to the North East of Scotland - just as David Cameron prepares to travel to Aberdeen for the Westminster Cabinet Meeting in the city on Monday.

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Tory deputy leader backs currency union after Yes


The SNP has welcomed comments from the Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Jackson Carlaw, who today made clear his support for the pound being an independent Scotland's currency and for Scotland’s continuing position within the European Union.

Benefits appeal could cost claimants £250

The Scottish National Party have condemned the UK government as it is revealed people who have been stripped of benefits could be charged £250 by the government for trying to appeal against the decision to an independent judge.

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Member's bill to recover millions for NHS launched

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan has today announced his intention to take forward a member’s bill in partnership with Clydeside Action on Asbestos in the Scottish Parliament. The bill aims to reclaim the medical costs of treating people for asbestos related diseases.

Blow for Lamont as MPs oppose devolution plans


Labour leader in Scotland Johann Lamont’s plans for further devolution have faced a fresh blow from within the Labour Party, after it emerged that a number of MPs have spoken out against plans to devolve powers over Air Passenger Duty.

Poll - Majority say Cameron must debate Salmond

Opinion polling published by Survation in today’s Daily Mail has put further pressure on David Cameron after a clear majority of people in Scotland said that he should debate Alex Salmond.

Experts back common sense position on EU

Expert evidence to the Scottish Parliament today has added further weight to evidence that an independent Scotland’s place in the EU will not be blocked.