Majority back 16 and 17 year olds future voting


The SNP is today welcoming news revealing that the majority of people back 16 and 17 year olds being given the vote in future elections.

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Moves to scrap poll tax debt hailed

A leading campaign group for electoral reform has hailed the Scottish Government’s moves to scrap Poll Tax debt as “the right thing to do”.

Call to drop plan to make vote registration harder

Edinburgh Central MSP Marco Biagi has called on the Electoral Commission to drop proposals that could make it harder to encourage people in deprived areas to vote.

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Charities brand Tory welfare attack "senseless"

The SNP’s Welfare and Pensions Spokesperson Eilidh Whiteford has said that the UK Government must listen to the voices of leading charities and poverty experts who have spoken out about the deeply damaging effect of their welfare policies on Scotland’s poorest families.

Nick Clegg must sort out unpaid policing bills

As he returns to Glasgow for his party's UK conference, Nick Clegg must sort out his party’s unpaid policing bills for last year’s Liberal Democrat UK conference in Glasgow and not default on the bill – according to SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson.

Poll shows "overwhelming" support for new powers

The SNP is today welcoming a new poll showing overwhelming majorities across supporters of all political parties in favour of extensive new powers for the Scottish Parliament.

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Scottish students save £1bn with free tuition

In the same week it was announced that Scottish universities have climbed the Times Higher Education world rankings, new research shows that Scottish students have saved £1bn as a result of fee-free higher education.

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Autism friendly performance would be just Wicked

Campaigning MSP Mark McDonald has written to the production team behind Wicked to request the hosting of an autism friendly performance of the highly acclaimed West End musical when it visits His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen, following the success of other autism friendly performances across Scotland and

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Threats to human rights coming from Westminster


The Westminster Tory Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has published long awaited proposals for the future of human rights in the UK which include the repeal the Human Rights Act after the next election  and a threat to completely  remove the UK from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).   


Powers for Scotland will not be held to ransom


The SNP has condemned Westminster leaders following a senior UK Government minister telling The Herald that Scots will have to wait at least three years for new powers.

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