Poll shows high distrust of Westminster leaders

The Westminster establishment’s attempt to carve-up the TV debates ahead of next year’s election are looking increasingly out of touch, the SNP has said today – after a new poll highlighted the ‘staggering’ levels of distrust of the Westminster party leaders in Scotland.

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SNP in strong position as Labour support plummets

New polling analysis shows the SNP in a strong position to make gains at next year’s Westminster election – while Labour’s support in their traditional heartlands is plummeting.

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Treasury pockets £345m thanks to Scottish policies

Higher spending on affordable housing in Scotland has saved the UK Treasury £345.5 million according to new figures – money that would have been reinvested in Scotland if the Scottish Parliament had a fuller range of powers.

Barroso delivers embarrassing EU rebuke to Cameron

President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso has delivered an embarrassing rebuke to David Cameron on his plans for an in/out referendum on the EU – as a new report shows uncertainty over the UK’s EU position could put investment and jobs at risk.

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Second Tory Minister makes offensive comments

A second Tory Minister in the space of a week has been caught out making offensive comments about disabled people – after Andrew Selous suggested that people with disabilities work harder because they are ‘grateful’ to have a job.

Labour in crisis as second former FM speaks out

The crisis engulfing the Labour Party has continued today – with the second former Labour First Minister in two days speaking out against the direction of the party under embattled leader Johann Lamont.

"Westminster falling short on more powers"

The Scottish National Party has said Westminster is falling short on delivering more powers for Scotland following a week of let-downs in Westminster.

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Workers lose out on almost £3000

New figures show that the average full time worker has lost out on almost £3,000 as a result of Westminster failures on pay – showing why powers over employment policy and the minimum wage should be in Scotland’s hands.

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UK should follow Scotland's lead on homelessness

A report into failings in help offered to homeless people in England by homelessness charity Crisis has underlined the benefit of Scotland being able to take a distinctive approach.

Former Labour FM increases pressure on Lamont

The pressure on Labour’s embattled leader Johann Lamont has intensified today – as former First Minister Jack McConnell added his voice to the growing criticism of the direction of Scottish Labour, and expressed concern at the party’s loss of support in its traditional heartlands.