SNP welcome YouGov poll - another big SNP lead

Welcoming the YouGov poll for the Times newspaper - which like the earlier Ipsos MORI poll today confirms a substantial SNP lead over Labour for the UK General Election – First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond said:

New poll shows surge in SNP support

The SNP is this afternoon welcoming a new poll showing a surge in SNP support ahead of next year’s General Election.

The poll, carried out by Ipsos Mori for STV, finds support for the SNP at 52 per cent - with Labour trailing behind in second place at 23 per cent.

UK government considering drastic cuts to benefits


Commenting on the news the UK government is considering drastically cutting the main Employment and Support Allowance sickness benefit, SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford said:


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Miliband comments add fuel to flames

Commenting on Ed Miliband’s remarks today on the departure of Johann Lamont, First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond said:

“Ed Miliband’s comments do absolutely nothing to clear up the growing mess left behind by Johann Lamont’s departure – indeed, they only add fuel to the flames.

Sturgeon addresses first in series of tour events

This evening, the Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon - who will become the new party leader and First Minister next month - speaks at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh: the first in a series of six major events across Scotland.

All of the tickets for the events were taken within 24 hours of them being announced two weeks ago.

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Devolving oil tax 'feasible as well as desirable'

The SNP is today welcoming expert backing for the devolution of oil taxes.

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Rank hypocrisy from Scottish Labour on railways

Scottish Labour MPs have contradicted their party’s submission to the Smith Commission today by voting in favour of allowing public sector operators to bid for rail franchises while Scottish Labour’s proposals are completely silent on such powers.


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Labour MP says Lamont a victim of 'Blairite coup'

The crisis at the heart of the Labour party in Scotland has intensified today – as a senior MP warned that the party was in the “middle of a coup” carried out by factions on the right of the party.

Sturgeon: EU amendment pledge to transform debate

In her Corn Exchange speech tonight, Nicola Sturgeon will announce that should a Bill be tabled in the House of Commons after the next UK general election for a referendum on European Union membership, the SNP will table a simple amendment requiring that all four constituent nations of the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - would have to vote for withdrawal for a UK exit to ha