Plans to reduce drink-driving limit welcomed

The SNP has welcomed new plans to reduce the drink-drive limit on Scotland’s roads in time for Christmas – in a move to make Scotland’s roads safer and bring Scotland into line with much of Europe.

SNP welcome Oban by-election win


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Labour's hypocrisy on rail franchise exposed

The SNP has condemned Labour’s ‘transparent hypocrisy’ on the rail franchise today, after Transport Minister Keith Brown highlighted the glaring anomaly between the party’s recent public rhetoric and the reality of the powers they called for in their submission to the Smith Commission.

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SNP welcome Marconi / Vorlich oil field discovery


The SNP has today welcomed an oil field discovery in the North Sea which could produce up to 5350 barrels of oil per day and be worth around £157m each year at current prices.

DWP cut degenerative condition sufferers benefit

The SNP has today highlighted the need for the Scottish Parliament to have full control over welfare after reports that degenerative condition sufferers are having their benefits slashed because the UK Government deems they will recover enough to look for work.

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MSP welcomes Lib Dem support for revenge porn ban


The fight to ban online publication of intimate images without the consent of those depicted has been on the Scottish Government’s agenda for more than two years.

Scotland rejects Euro-hostile Westminster agenda

New analysis reported today showing that the vast majority of constituencies in Scotland back staying in the EU whilst the majority in England back an exit shows that Scotland rejects the Euro-hostile consensus building at Westminster – and needs its own voice in Europe.

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Full fiscal autonomy on the table

David Cameron has today confirmed that full fiscal autonomy is an option for Scotland, as discussions get underway at the Smith Commission.

The Smith Commission has been tasked with delivering more powers to the Scottish Parliament following the Vow made by the three Westminster leaders in the event of a No vote.

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Youth unemployment at lowest level in six years

The SNP has welcomed new figures showing youth unemployment has fallen by 29,000 – and stands at its lowest level in six years, falling faster than the UK rate.

Peerages "embarrassment on international scale"

The Scottish National Party has described the House of Lords as an embarrassment on an international scale, as the unelected chamber is today voting to replace the late 7th Baron Methuen with another hereditary peer. 

Four new unelected peers have also been appointed to the House of Lords today.