Farmers deliver no confidence vote in Westminster

Scotland’s farmers have delivered a vote of no confidence in Westminster – after a poll showed that 100 per cent of respondents believe that the role of DEFRA Secretary is “so ineffectual that it doesn’t matter who takes up the post”.

Tale of Two Governments on Council Tax

The SNP has pointed to the “Tale of Two Governments” following an exclusive report in today’s Independent newspaper revealing how Council Tax hikes south of the border are harming the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Darling must act on donor's links to Putin regime

The SNP has called on Alistair Darling to break his silence and hand back the No campaign’s donation from Ian Taylor - after further revelations showed the No camp donor’s business links to the Putin regime in Russia. 

Cameron's colleagues try to hide him from campaign

David Cameron’s plans to be based in Scotland for the final two weeks of the referendum campaign have been criticised by his UK Government colleagues – amidst concerns that his unpopularity will damage the No campaign.

Return of Donorgate: Westminster works for the few

The SNP has today highlighted a report in the Independent newspaper that one of the No campaign’s biggest financial donors has avoided UK corporate taxes on billions of pounds of profit.

The chief executive of oil trader Vitol and Tory donor, Ian Taylor, was subjected to intense criticism when the No campaign revealed in April 2013 he had given it £500,000.

Workers in Scotland forced to turn to foodbanks

A new Citizens Advice Scotland report has shown that the inappropriate use of zero hours contracts by some employers is forcing workers to turn to food banks and payday lenders – demonstrating the need to take action to ensure Scotland’s wealth works for all the people who live here.

Infrastructure spending helping to draw investment

Glasgow is set to be a key centre for bio-medical science as the new facilities under construction at the Southern General Hospital are helping to draw in investment to the city.

Report urges 'thorough reassessment' of BBC output

The SNP has today highlighted the findings of a report by the Audience Council Scotland – the BBC Trust’s advisory body – and said that the corporation should provide detailed plans for how it intends to address the issues raised.

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Boost for Yes as Tony Blair voices support for No



Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has thrown his support behind the anti-independence campaign at an event in London today, marking 20 years since he became the leader of the Labour Party. While desperately trying to avoid questions about the Iraq war, Mr Blair nonetheless caused embarrassment to the No campaign by giving Better Together his endorsement.

Gains of Yes vote for small businesses highlighted

During a visit to Paisley today (Monday), Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will speak of the benefits of independence for Scotland’s small businesses.

Whilst in Paisley, the Deputy First Minister will visit Saporito café where she will speak with undecided businesspeople.