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Latest news stories

Ewing welcomes West of Shetland oil results

Monday, 15 September, 2014 - 13:23
Lancaster field could flow twice as much as previously expected

Thursday's vote 'once in lifetime opportunity'- FM

Monday, 15 September, 2014 - 11:44
PM's next visit to Scotland will be for talks - not love-bombing or scaremongering

Vote Yes for your grandchildren, pensioners urged

Monday, 15 September, 2014 - 11:12
Don't let Westminster repeat the mistakes of the past, says Nicola Sturgeon

Leading energy expert backs Yes vote

Monday, 15 September, 2014 - 09:22
Yes will help cut high energy bills says leading academic

Salmond - Bank revelations demand full disclosure

Sunday, 14 September, 2014 - 20:46

DFM:Renewed confidence in Scotland can lead to Yes

Sunday, 14 September, 2014 - 15:39
Yes campaign call on Scotland 'let's do this'

Stiglitz urges focus on Scotland's 'shared vision'

Sunday, 14 September, 2014 - 11:02

Harry Burns: NHS not safe in Westminster's hands

Sunday, 14 September, 2014 - 10:15

Case for RBS leak inquiry now unanswerable

Saturday, 13 September, 2014 - 18:05
Alex Salmond has written again to the head of the UK civil service, calling for an inquiry into the leak of market sensitive information.

Westminster revolt on powers "up and running"

Saturday, 13 September, 2014 - 14:04
Only a Yes vote guarantees more powers