Chilcot delay "democratic outrage"


SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has asked the Chancellor during Prime Minister’s Questions to confirm if the Chilcot inquiry on the Iraq war will be delayed until next year.


It is now six years since the Inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot started to take evidence from witnesses involved in the period leading up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, at a cost of £10 million.


David Cameron responded by letter this morning to Sir John Chilcot regarding the inquiry, however there was no reference to a new timetable for the publication of the report.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister both voted for the Iraq war.


Commenting, Angus Robertson MP said:


“The Iraq war was a foreign policy disaster and the ramifications are still being felt today.


“I asked the Chancellor if he felt a moral and political responsibility for getting to the bottom of this calamitous war and its consequences.


"This inquiry needs to be published in full - and as a matter of urgency. Abandoning it would be wholly unacceptable.



"Answers are long overdue, and the continued delays to the publication of this report are a democratic outrage.”



Notes: As reported in The Independent on Sunday:


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