Marchers arrive in London to protest NHS cuts

Commenting on the arrival of the Jarrow marchers – who are protesting Westminster’s ongoing privatisation of the NHS south of the border – in London this afternoon, the SNP’s Alex Neil  - Scotland’s Health Secretary said:

“The inspirational efforts of these marchers to highlight Westminster’s destruction of the people of England’s NHS shows just how important the health service is – and we stand firmly beside them in their efforts.

“But while the worst excesses of Westminster’s cuts agenda are being felt south of the border – there is now an overwhelming weight of evidence that the Tory privatisation of the NHS south of the border and Westminster cuts present a real threat to Scotland's NHS.

“And as tens of thousands of ordinary people south of the border are marching to protect their National Health Service, the Labour leadership in Scotland are happy to defend the Tories privatisation agenda – Labour should be ashamed at turning their backs on ordinary people in England in order to protect their Tory allies in the No campaign.

“A Yes vote is our one opportunity to enshrine Scotland’s NHS as a public service in our written constitution – and be an example to the rest of the UK that there is an alternative to Westminster’s obsession with austerity and privatisation.  We should grab that opportunity with both hands.”


Notes to editors

Comments from some of the marchers saying only a Yes vote can protect Scotland’s NHS can be found here: