Leading economist calls for maximum tax autonomy


The SNP has welcomed the comments today from Professor Sir Donald Mackay on fiscal autonomy for Scotland. Professor Mackay is one of Scotland’s leading and most distinguished economists and a former Chairman of Scottish Enterprise. He argues in an article in the Sunday Times that tax autonomy is now paramount if the aspirations of Scotland are to be realised following the referendum and the Westminster party leaders ‘Vow’ to bring extensive new powers to the Scottish Parliament. He suggests that Westminster must now act to give Holyrood as high a level of tax autonomy as possible and that would bring the benefits of increased efficiency and enhanced responsibility as well as a stronger economy and a fairer society.


Stewart Hosie MP, Depute Leader of the SNP and Treasury spokesperson commented:


‘’This is a very welcome intervention for Professor Mackay, whose expertise and knowledge of the potential of the Scottish economy is second to none.  Polling shows people fully expect devolution of not just more powers – but the most powers. As people wait for Westminster to deliver, the evidence in favour of maximum devolution is growing by the day.Tax autonomy of the kind Professor Mackay suggests would allow Scotland to better protect itself from the impact of Westminster’s economic mismanagement.


“After years of Westminster failing to get things right for Scotland, we have a real opportunity to do things differently and better. With strengthened economic and welfare powers we can lift thousands of people in Scotland out of poverty and make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country. People across Scotland rightly expect progress in this area and it is the SNP that will hold the Westminster parties to their promise of extensive new powers.”




The article can be read on page 29 of today’s Sunday Times