SNP comment on English local election results


Commenting on the local election results in England today, SNP Business Convener Derek MacKay MSP said: 

"What we are seeing south of the border is the Lib Dems disappearing from the political picture in many places - reflecting their experience in Scotland in 2011 - and Labour failing to make the breakthrough. The Tory-led government and entire Westminster system are paying the price of pandering to the UKIP agenda.

"We are now seeing more people in the Tory party calling for an electoral pact with UKIP, and more people in Labour demanding a commitment to an in/out EU referendum.

"We now also have the ridiculous spectacle of Lib Dem Treasury Minister Danny Alexander preparing to lecture people in Scotland about our economic viability as an independent country - when his party has been stripped of any electoral credibility both north and south of the border. The Lib Dems pretend to be guarantors on the constitution in Scotland, but they are in no position to guarantee anything given the terrible drubbing they have experienced in England."