Cowdenbeath - Labour sink to new depths

Labour has been accused of sinking to a new level of contempt for voters in Fife after it was discovered that their infamous Dunfermline leaflet attempting to take credit for SNP policies has been republished for the Cowdenbeath constituency by-election.

The leaflet attempts to take credit for freezing Council Tax first, but the freeze in question was in Glasgow - with Fifers continuing to see their bills rise under Labour until the SNP took office. Labour’s candidate is on record attacking the freeze, having stated on camera that “one option could be that you put something on the Council Tax”.

The leaflet also claims to support extending childcare provision, despite the fact that last week Labour voted against just such an extension in the Scottish Parliament.

Additionally, it claims that Labour abolished bridge tolls, when in fact they left them in place for Fifers travelling on the Forth and Tay bridges. Only the election of an SNP Government brought an end to the tolls, saving Fifers £230 every year.

Commenting, SNP Candidate for Cowdenbeath Constituency Natalie McGarry said:

“Publishing this misleading leaflet once was bad enough, but to repeat it shows a breathtaking level of contempt for people in Fife. It is utterly cynical and reveals something rotten in the Labour party machinery.

“With Alex Rowley having made clear that he supports increasing the Council Tax, this leaflet only adds to his party’s confused and chaotic stance.

“People in this constituency know that the Council Tax freeze, the abolition of bridge tolls and the introduction of free prescriptions are all policies the SNP has delivered and simply would not have happened if Labour had been in office. And they are all under threat from Labour's Cuts Commission.

“Only a vote for the SNP on 23 January will ensure these policies are protected. If this utterly misleading leaflet shows anything, it is that Labour simply cannot be trusted to deliver for people in Fife.”

A video of Alex Rowley stating that increasing Council Tax is an option can be viewed at

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