Decision of people of Scotland must be respected

Commenting on Labour peer Baroness Jay's extraordinary remarks in the Sunday Post that “Just because Scotland voted for independence, it wouldn’t automatically happen”, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who sits on the Referendum Bill Committee, said:

"This is an astonishing and irresponsible intervention by an unelected Labour peer. The Westminster establishment are now so worried about losing the referendum that they are threatening to refuse to respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland, and rip up the Edinburgh Agreement - signed in all good faith by the First Minister with the Prime Minister.

"The fact of the matter is that a Yes vote will result in an independent Scotland, with the powers to build a fairer society and more prosperous economy. Unelected peers may have trouble understanding basic democracy, but the days of Westminster politicians dictating to Scotland are over, and their attempts to do so are creating a strong public backlash.

"If people at Westminster were trying to drive people towards voting Yes, they could not be doing a better job than the sabre rattling nonsense that has emerged from the anti-independence camp over the past few days."


In today’s Sunday Post, Baroness Jay is quoted saying: “Just because Scotland voted for independence, it wouldn’t automatically happen.”
The Edinburgh Agreement pledges the signatories to "a result that everyone will respect."

"They look forward to a referendum that is legal and fair producing a decisive and respected outcome. The two governments are committed to continue to work together constructively in the light of the outcome, whatever it is, in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom."