Bill Walker given 12 month sentence

Commenting on the 12-month prison sentence given to Bill Walker today, Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said:

"The custodial sentence handed down to Bill Walker reflects the extremely serious nature of his crimes, for which he has shown no contrition.

"In terms of the political process, the people of Dunfermline constituency now have the opportunity to elect a new MSP, to give its communities the service and representation they deserve."

SNP Dunfermline by-election candidate Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

"I welcome this sentence - the maximum available to the sheriff.

"The First Minister has publicly said that the SNP are sorry Bill Walker was ever selected as a candidate - which of course I entirely agree with. The party investigated the matter and changed its assessment procedures to ensure nothing like it can happen again.

"What is important now for Dunfermline is that the people elect a new MSP who is focused on their priorities, and that is my pledge to local people in this by-election campaign."

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