SNP welcome rise in employment in Scotland


The SNP is today welcoming a record rise in employment at the same time as the number of people out of work has continued to fall in Scotland.

Employment increased by 54,000 over the period January to March - the largest quarterly rise since 1992 when the figures began.

While the number of people out of work across the UK continued to rise, figures showed that in Scotland there was a drop of 7,000 in the unemployment total over the period January to March.

John Mason MSP, Deputy Convener of the Finance Committee, said:

“These record figures are show that Scotland has higher employment and lower unemployment than the rest of the UK. These stronger employment statistics in Scotland are no accident and are testament to the wide range of measures the SNP Government has put in place to create and secure jobs.

“To achieve the largest increase in Scottish employment since these form of records began in 1992 is a fantastic sign of progress and is the clearest possible signal that the steps we are taking to secure economic recovery are having a real and positive impact.

“The progress that has been achieved in Scotland shows why it is right that we are setting our own course for recovery with the limited powers the Scottish Parliament currently holds.

“Yet with the powers of an independent Scotland we could do even more to boost our economy and get more people into jobs. Only a Yes vote in next September’s referendum will give us the economic and fiscal powers we need to build the fairer, more prosperous nation that we all want to live in.”