No camp confusion on Scottish OBR

The SNP is today (Wednesday) highlighting the confused state of the Libs Dems and the anti-independence No campaign in light of Finance Secretary John Swinney confirming that he is considering establishing a Scottish body equivalent to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

Despite former Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott calling for the establishment of such an organisation on the grounds that “Scotland needs to judge where best to spend taxpayers’ money”, Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie today described the plans as a “ministry of half truths”.

Commenting, SNP MSP John Mason, who sits on the Finance Committee at the Scottish Parliament, said:

“These conflicting and confusing views within the Lib Dems suggest that Willie Rennie is pursuing opposition for opposition's sake - he is rejecting an initiative that his own predecessor as Lib Dem leader specifically called for!

"It is clear that Westminster isn’t working.  The only way to set spending and taxation at levels that work best for the people of Scotland is to have full control of the economic levers in Scotland."