Westminster ignores Scottish MPs views yet again

Commenting on the failure at Westminster to pass an amendment to the UK's Energy Bill which would have seen the whole of the UK following Scotland's example and set a target to de-carbonise electricity by 2030, Mike Weir SNP MP  and Energy spokesman said :
“Earlier this week I called on all Scottish MPs at Westminster to back the de-carbonisation of electricity by the target date of 2030 , and once again the will of the majority of  Scotland’s elected representatives is ignored .  This is a missed opportunity all the more disappointing as Scotland’s MP’s wishes are denied at Westminster.
"The delay in Westminster's Energy Market Reform has caused uncertainty in the energy industry - passing the amendment to secure an early UK decarbonisation target would have gone some way to addressing that. In January First Minister Alex Salmond announced Scotland's decarbonisation target of 50gCO2/kWh by 2030 – in line with independent advice from the UK Committee on Climate Change. 
" Nowhere is that more important than Scotland and with the Scottish Government leading the way having set its own decarbonisation target  - something welcomed at the time by Energy Secretary Ed Davey - Westminster should have followed suit. But they haven’t and once again the views of the majority of Scottish MPs are ignored, and once again Westminster shows it just isn’t working.”
Notes :
1.Details of the Scottish decarbonisation target can be found here:
2. Industry response to the Scottish Decarbonisation target:
“…a new decarbonisation target will be a strong signal to investors across the world that Scotland is a key destination for renewable energy." Niall Stuart, Scottish Renewables, Herald, 29 Jan 2013
"SSE welcomes the Scottish Government's explicit recognition of a 2030 decarbonisation target tor electricity production.  This commitment will provide increased certainty to the renewable energy industry and its supporting supply chain to help it to continue investing in Scotland". Ian Marchant, SSE CEO, 29 Jan 2013

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