Shocking four hour delay in Nuclear Exercise


Commenting on the response from the Ministry of Defence  to the delays and confusion that emerged in a mock  nuclear accident   ‘Exercise Senator’ in 2011,  which showed huge delays in responding to the accident in a convoy on the motorway network in central Scotland , Angus Robertson MP ,  SNP Defence spokesman and Westminster Leader said :


“The answer from the MoD concerning the outcome of Exercise Senator in 2011 has some alarming revelations. We know that the exercise, which simulated a nuclear convoy having an accident on the M74 was a catalogue of errors, communication failures and breakdown in systems which left agencies involved in the exercise in a  near shambolic state . Any nuclear incident is the most serious of all – and the report on the way this particular exercise was carried out exposed huge safety concerns in the ability of the MoD to deal with a real nuclear accident in good time and in an organised way. It  is just breathtaking

“The MoD had to send a team from the South West of England to deal with this – when they are allegedly prepared for incidents like this at Faslane – and what we now know is that the MoD are happy for a four hour target before that team are even ready to leave Bristol and then travel to the scene of any incident,  in the case just south of Glasgow. That means there is a period of four hours written in to reaction time to gather the necessary personnel, assess the severity of any nuclear accident and then head off to the scene.  There will be many people  who are baffled as to why these weapons of mass destruction are dumped on the Clyde near out biggest city in the first place. They will be horrified to learn that in the event of an accident  involving these destructive and immoral weapons  – the MoD have built in a four hour delay before they even set-off  from the South West of England to  Scotland to arrive at the scene .

This exercise has exposed worrying deficiencies in the way a real nuclear incident might be dealt with. Only with a Yes Vote in September next year can we be sure that Scotland  is rid of Trident once and for all .


Parliamentary answers on Exercise Senator :