Cuthbert submission to Jimmy Reid Foundation

Commenting on Margaret Cuthbert's submission for the Jimmy Reid Foundation's Common Weal project, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

"As this important paper highlights, people are faced with a choice of two futures - do they want Westminster to continue running our economy or do they want these powers in Scotland's hands?

"At present the Scottish Parliament controls just 7% of Scotland's tax revenues and this would rise only to 15% under the Scotland Act.

"By voting Yes, Scotland controls 100% of our nation's finances, which means we can take the policy decisions necessary to build a fairer society and stronger economy.

"As this report says only a 'Yes' vote would let Scotland build an alternative to the downward spiral of the UK's low-wage, low-skill economic model'.

"These findings illustrate the scale of the opportunity presented to Scotland next September - and highlights the reasons why we cannot let that opportunity slip from our grasp.

"For Scotland truly to prosper, we need a Yes vote to enable us to create the fairer and wealthier society we all want to live in."


Notes: Link to Sunday Herald report

Information about the report:
The detailed assessment of the UK economy has concluded that Scotland needs a Yes vote next year to avoid being damaged further by Westminster's mismanagement and policies skewed towards London.
The paper, entitled the UK Economy: a strong and secure UK?, was written by economist Margaret Cuthbert as part of the Jimmy Reid Foundation's Common Weal project.
The report covers 30 years of data including GDP, employment, population, industrial output, manufacturing, business start-ups, household incomes and benefits.
Ms Cuthbert says instead of actively protecting Scotland, the UK government has geared so many policies towards Lomdon that Scotland's economy has suffered, with growth stalled.
She argues that Scotland needs a Yes vote to allow us to improve society, business, equality and the welfare state.