Water bill keeps Scottish water in public hands

The passage of the Scottish Government’s Water Resources Bill this evening has shown the SNP’s commitment to protecting and supporting Scotland’s water as an asset for people in Scotland.

The Bill puts an explicit duty on the Scottish Government to sustainably develop Scotland’s water resources and will enable it to enhance its commercial role while remaining a publicly owned company. Water is a resource more vital than oil yet the Tories and Lib Dems would flog our precious asset to the first bidder, which would not be in our long term interests.

Scottish Water will also be able to play a greater international role in the ‘Hydro Nation’ agenda, which is already commanding international attention and puts Scotland firmly to the fore in global policy on natural resources.

Commenting, SNP MSP Jim Eadie who sits on the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee said:

“Future generations wouldn’t have forgiven us if we hadn’t seized the chance to develop genuinely world-leading legislation on an asset as a precious as water. This Bill lays the foundation for our future environmental and economic success.

“The SNP Government’s determination to maintain Scotland’s water as a public asset stands in stark contrast with the constant calls from opposition parties to get rid of one of Scotland’s greatest resources by privatising Scottish Water.

“It is a path that would be a disaster for people in Scotland and is not something that will be countenanced by an SNP Government.

“With this Bill we can build upon the successes that have already been achieved in the water sector and put the sector on a footing to take on a global role that benefits people in Scotland and the wider world.”