Capital spending boost welcomed by the SNP

The SNP is today welcoming a Scottish Government investment of £3.4 billion into capital spending projects in 2013/14 which will help boost the economy, enhance growth and support 40,000 jobs in Scotland.

Schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure projects will be financed by the Scottish Government boost.

Jim Eadie MSP, a member of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, said:

“These Scottish Government projects - including the Forth Replacement Crossing which will be of enormous benefit to businesses and people in Edinburgh and across Scotland - are helping move Scotland forward.

“A 26 per cent cut in the money Westminster allocated to Scotland for its capital budget was wrong and has delayed construction projects, but the contrasting commitment of the SNP Scottish Government will help Scotland’s recovery and economic growth.

“With the full powers of independence - only delivered by a Yes vote in 2014 - we could bring forward investment faster and make a very substantial difference to our economy both now and in the future."