Cable admits London ' draining the UK's lifeblood


Commenting on the BBC interview by Business Secretary Vince Cable this morning - in which the coalition minister admitted that London was becoming a "giant suction machine sucking the life blood out of the rest of the country" - Stewart Hosie MP, SNP  Treasury spokesperson, said:


“Vince Cable is only confirming what we all know - that London has a disproportionate and deeply damaging pull on UK policy. Westminster is putting all its economic eggs in the London basket - and now even senior government ministers are admitting that it is causing huge problems for the rest of the UK. To add to this, the Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, in a desperate attempt to keep his job, has told the Financial Times that Labour would cut more savagely than even the Tories propose. He said on cuts: 'no area of public spending is exempt –  we are going to have to find savings - it is going to be tough'.


“We know that Westminster is itching to get rid of the Barnett Formula and cut Scotland's cash by up to £4 billion, and it is clear that Labour’s sights are on even deeper cuts. It makes the choice of two futures in next September’s referendum even clearer. Vote No and get massive cuts from a London-centric government  whoever is in power  - or vote Yes and create a fairer more prosperous country where economic decisions about Scotland  are made where they should be – in Scotland."



Notes :

Vince Cable’s comments on London are here:


Ed Balls comments – page 2 FT:

on public spending – “no area is exempt – we’re going to have to find savings. It’s going to be tough but it’s really necessary.” (FT, 19th December 2013)