Sunday Express poll shows referendum gap narrowing

The findings of an opinion poll in the Sunday Express showing that the gap is narrowing between the Yes and No campaigns, has been welcomed today by the SNP.

The Angus Reid poll shows that support for a Yes vote remains steady at 34% whilst support for remaining with Westminster has fallen by 3% since the company’s last survey below 50% to 47%. On the basis of the Angus Reid poll polls this means that a swing of just 6.5% would be enough to secure a Yes vote in next year’s referendum. In addition the poll also found that nearly a third of Labour voters will back independence, along with nearly a quarter of LibDem supporters.

The poll also finds that people in Scotland trust First Minister Alex Salmond more than anti-independence campaign leader Alistair Darling when it comes to the referendum, with 34% trusting the SNP leader more compared to 27% who trust the former chancellor.

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“This poll is extremely encouraging and shows quite clearly that the damaging and ridiculous scare stories that the No campaign have been engaging in has simply damaged their own support.

“With senior Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw having recently described the anti-independence campaign’s scare stories as ‘silly’, it is clear to see that Project Fear is simply not working.

“People want to hear the positive vision for Scotland that we on the Yes side are setting out, not to be talked down to by those opposed to Scotland making our own decisions.

“With the powers of an independent Scotland we can build the kind of fairer, more prosperous country that we all want to live in.

“That is what a Yes vote in next year’s referendum will allow us to do and it is why we are confident that support for Scotland making our own decisions will grow further in the weeks and months ahead.”

The Angus Reid/Sunday Express survey of 549 adults in Scotland was conducted on August 16th and found the following results:

Should Scotland be an independent country?
Yes - 34%
No - 47%
Don't know 17%
Will not vote 2%

On the issue of Scottish independence, who do you trust the most?
Alex Salmond - 34%
Alistair Darling - 27%
Don't know - 39%