Scotland needs to make own choices

As polling shows the mounting unpopularity of Westminster’s leaders and attacks from inside their parties mount, only a Yes vote can ensure that decisions made here reflect the priorities of people in Scotland rather than floundering Westminster leaders.

An ICM poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph reveals that just 21% of people believe that Ed Miliband is doing a good job as leader, compared to 51% who believe he is doing a bad job, giving him a net rating of -30%. The same poll also found that just 17% believe LibDem leader Nick Clegg is doing a good job.

Meanwhile a YouGov poll in today’s Sunday Times gave the Labour leader a net approval rating amongst his own party’s supporters of just +7%. Overall, the YouGov poll put Mr Miliband’s approval rating at -48%, the worst it has been this year.

Reports in the Sunday Post have also revealed the pressure mounting on Nick Clegg’s leadership, with party grandee Lord David Steel blasting his party leader as “an innocent gone abroad” and describing the coalition Government as having “gone off the rails”.

In contrast, opinion polls have consistently given First Minister Alex Salmond positive approval ratings six years into the SNP’s time in Government, with the latest opinion poll also giving the party an 18% lead over Labour.

Commenting, SNP MP Stuart McMillan who sits on the Referendum Bill Committee said:

“The party leaders at Westminster will no doubt be holding their head in their hands this morning, as the depth of their unpopularity is laid bare.

“Whether it is negative poll ratings or internal party warfare, it is grim reading for the Westminster parties and stands in stark contrast to the remarkable lead the SNP has in the polls in Scotland.

“People across the UK have no confidence in the leaders of the Westminster parties, so it is no surprise that here in Scotland they are making absolutely no inroads in the polls.

“The fact of the matter is that the Westminster system is failing to serve the interests of people living here.

“With a Yes vote in next year’s referendum, we will gain the opportunity to make decisions that always reflect the priorities of people in Scotland – rather than those of Westminster.”

The ICM/Sunday Telegraph poll of Westminster leader approval can be viewed at

Lord David Steel’s attack on Nick Clegg can be viewed on page 21 of the Sunday Post.

Sunday Times / Real Radio Scotland : Panelbase poll (1,001 sample)
Conducted 17-24 July
Party Voting intentions:
(with change in support since 2011 Holyrood elections in brackets )


SNP 48% ( +3 )
Lab 30% ( -2 )
Con 13% ( -1 )
Lib D 4% ( -4 )
Other 5% (+3)


SNP 48% (+4)
Lab 25% (- 1)
Con 13% ( 0)
Green 6% (+2)
Lib D 4% ( -1)
Other 4% (-2)