Labour under fire as report vindicates FM

The emergence of an Aberdeen City Council report vindicating the First Minister on his impromptu invitation into Bramble Brae School has put serious pressure on Labour, who must explain why the findings of the report were ignored.

As reported in today’s Sunday Express, the report clearing the First Minister was known about at Aberdeen City Council as far back as June this year, but despite this Labour councillors continued to make baseless political attacks on the First Minister.

The report by the Head Teacher at the school confirms that the First Minister was invited into the school by a member of the parent council after teachers in the school discussed how beneficial such an opportunity would be and confirms that he was not accompanied by either “press or political colleagues”. It also confirms that the media event highlighting efforts to save the school took place outside school property, stating that “at no point, as far as I am aware, did any of their activity move onto school premises”.

Commenting, SNP Group leader on Aberdeen City Council Callum McCaig said:

“This letter completely vindicates what the First Minister has said throughout this process, that he was invited into the school for an impromptu visit. However, it raises extremely serious questions for Barney Crockett and the Labour administration.

“It shows that the council was fully aware of the circumstances behind what happened as long ago as June, but Labour still tried to make repeated spurious and petty political attacks.

“If he knew of this report then it would have shown appalling dishonesty for Barney Crockett to have launched so many attacks on the First Minister, when the council knew as far back as June that what Labour were saying was baseless.

“When did Barney Crockett become aware of the contents of this report and why has he failed to apologise for the statements he has made which were clearly nonsense?

“There are very serious questions that need to be answered and Barney Crockett and Willie Young must publish their correspondence with officials regarding this matter as a matter of urgency.”

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