Moore desperate to save job in face of reshuffle

With rumours of a reshuffle in the Westminster cabinet next week following a freefall in Tory and LibDem poll ratings, Pete Wishart MP said that the recent referendum pronouncements by Michael Moore indicated that he was desperately trying to get noticed to save his job after reports that he could be replaced by Jo Swinson.

Mr Wishart also said that the Scottish Secretary making pointless speeches also underscored that the Scotland Office was a waste of the £8 million it costs to run each year, which could be put to better use by the Scottish Government, whose budget it comes from.

Commenting Mr Wishart said:

“The only reason for Michael Moore’s speech is that he is desperately trying to get noticed and save his job in the reshuffle – it was pointless otherwise.

"Since devolution, the remit of the Scotland Office has virtually disappeared – and as a Lib Dem Michael Moore doesn’t even think the post of Scottish Secretary should continue to exist. It is just a ‘make-work’ post for Michael Moore – “the £8 million man” – as part of the Tory-led anti-independence campaign.

“Since the election of the SNP in 2007, the Scotland Office’s salary budget has rocketed out of control. How can it have operated on a £1.9 million salary budget before the SNP came to office, at a time when there were no austerity cuts, but can now afford to operate on a £2.7 million salary budget?

“These cost increases show that the £8 million Scotland Office is simply a propaganda arm for Westminster to use in their Tory-led anti-independence campaign. It has no other role, and Michael Moore’s recent pronouncements are just indicative of an attention-seeking exercise with a UK Cabinet reshuffle in the offing.”