Lib Dem pre-conference apology 'cynical'

A cynical pre-conference apology by Nick Clegg, followed by an admission from Vince Cable that senior Lib Dems were long 'sceptical' about a tuition fees pledge, demonstrates again how nobody can trust a word Westminster politicians say.

Commenting SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“This is just a cynical pre-conference apology from the Lib Dems. Nick Clegg is only concerned because his party is paying an electoral price – not because students are paying the financial price of his fee betrayal. It’s an example of how no-one can trust a word Westminster politicians say.

“As Tavish Scott said, the ‘Scottish Lib Dems were dragged into the political gutter’ as a result of the parties Westminster u-turn on student fees.

“Thank goodness in Scotland we have an SNP Government that access to universities and colleges should be based solely on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay.

“These latest figures show the stark contrast between the huge damage being done by tuition fees south of the border and Scotland’s commitment to free education.

“More and more people are being put off studying at institutions in the rest of the UK and the reason is quite clearly the sky-high tuition fees that students face because of decisions by the Westminster government.

“Unlike the Westminster parties who have broken their promises to students once in power, the SNP is the only major party in Scotland never to have voted for tuition fees - and these figures explain why this is so important.

“Thank goodness that decisions about Scotland’s Higher Education are already effectively independent – otherwise Scotland would currently be facing the same devastating decline in applications that the Tories are causing south of the Border.”