Labour credibility gap as claims proved false

Labour leader Johann Lamont’s long summer of silence has failed to raise her level of political debate, the SNP has said, after she used the opening week of the new session to repeat a number of assertions which have already been shown to be false.

An analysis of claims made by Lamont this week – none of which are new – reveals that none of them stand up to scrutiny.

However - in an echo of the campaigning technique being deployed by the Republican campaign which is generating debate in America this week – Lamont continues to make the same claims, on issues as diverse as the Forth Replacement Crossing contracts, NHS workforce and Modern Apprentices.

Calling on Labour to raise their game in the new term, SNP MSP James Dornan said:

“Labour must put an end to its policy of repeating assertions which have already been shown to be factually incorrect. One week back and still no-one can trust a word they say.

“Johann Lamont should take note of how this approach is starting to unravel for the Republican campaign in the US.

“The truth is Scotland has a fantastic record on health, PE and Modern Apprentices.

“The SNP promised to guarantee the revenue budget of the NHS to be protected in real terms – which is what we have done.

“And even a cursory glance at the official NHS workforce statistics would show Ms Lamont that she is incorrect – in fact there are currently still more nurses and midwives in post than in nine of the
10 years when Labour was in government.

“The constant repetition of false claims in regards to the NHS workforce and Modern Apprentices misrepresents the fantastic work undertaken the MA scheme and our health boards.

“People in Scotland just aren’t buying this approach – it’s no wonder that the latest opinion polls show that Labour has sunk to even lower levels than their election disaster last year.”

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