Devolve APD for Scotland's best interests


Responding to comments from Ruth Davidson calling for a third runway to be built at London Heathrow and Air Passenger Duty to be scrapped across the UK, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Western Colin Keir said: 

“Air Passenger Duty should be devolved so it can work in Scotland’s interests. 

“Devolution of APD, which should have happened in the Scotland Act, would enable the Scottish Government to incentivise airlines to provide new direct international routes and give our businesses a fighting chance to compete. 

“Ruth Davidson should be promoting Scotland’s airports, encouraging more flights in and out of the country and creating the conditions for Scottish airports to succeed. 

“Indeed, if she is calling for infrastructure investments she should be urging for a high speed rail line connecting London to Scotland. 

"This would offer a real alternative to short domestic flights, helping to cut carbon and reduce business costs. 

“The Scottish Government is fully committed to this line. We need the same commitment from the UK Government. 

“It is increasingly clear that instead of pleading with Westminster for actions, Scotland should have the full economic levers of an independent nation to ensure transport connections fit for the twenty-first century.”