Davidson can help break Lamont's Trident silence

Labour MP Ian Davidson has been challenged to make clear his views on the future of Faslane naval base, following his committee’s visit to the site this week.

Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee met this week at Faslane naval base, and Ian Davidson MP – who previously voted against the then Labour Government policy of replacing Trident with new WMD – outlined how an independent nuclear free Scotland could lead to the UK having no capacity for a nuclear arsenal.

Mr Davidson was an outspoken critic of nuclear weapons and has publicly supported the scrapping of Trident weapon systems, but in recent times – much like Joanne Lamont – has been less vocal about his views on Trident.

The SNP has consistently outlined its vision for Faslane to be operated as a major conventional base in an independent Scotland, and is now calling on Ian Davidson to speak out against some of the ludicrous scaremongering which members of his party have engaged in over the future of the base.

Commenting, SNP MSP Paul Wheelhouse said:

“Ms Lamont’s continued silence on Trident is getting ridiculous. She was the only candidate in Labour’s leadership election last year not to give her position, and still hasn’t told us whether or not she thinks the UK Government should be spending £100bn on a new generation of weapons of mass destruction.

“As Ian Davidson also believes in removing nuclear weapons from the Clyde, presumably he also believes that Faslane should continue to be a major conventional base without the presence of nuclear weapons – and he should outline the case to Ms Lamont.

“Perhaps that way – if she agrees or disagrees - she can end her sponsored silence on Trident and let everyone know exactly where she stands on the issue.

“Given some of the ludicrous scaremongering that his party colleagues have engaged in, I think Ian Davidson has a clear duty to put on the record whether he agrees that Faslane would have a successful future as a conventional base.

“The SNP is giving a cast-iron commitment to both end the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde, and from Scotland as a whole, and to operate Faslane as a major conventional naval base. In an independent Scotland, Faslane will be home to Scotland’s naval forces within a well-resourced, professional and entirely conventionally armed Scottish Defence Force.”