Danny Alexander's 'tax fraud'

Commenting on Danny Alexander’s conference announcement on tax evasion and avoidance, the SNP questioned what had happened to his promise from last year’s conference to recruit 2,000 tax inspectors since Parliamentary Answers show that the number of HMRC staff in HMRC Enforcement and Compliance has fallen by 1,529 since the Coalition came to power.

Kenneth Gibson MSP, Convener of the Scottish Parliament's Finance Committee, said:

“The LibDems’ conference is turning into an exercise in cynicism. While measures to crack down on tax evasion are welcome, Danny Alexander’s rhetoric is not matched by his department’s record.

“Last year he promised to recruit an additional 2,000 tax inspectors, yet the Treasury’s own figures show that enforcement and compliance teams, including specialist and criminal investigations staff, have been cut by 1,529.

“One could say it is a tax fraud itself to promise more tax inspectors when they have been cut by such a number.”


1. The parliamentary question from the SNP's Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP can be found here:

2. Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander’s promise to recruit 2,000 tax inspectors can be found here: