Chancellor keeps job but loses economic argument

Analysis of recent UK YouGov polling data shows that George Osborne and his economic arguments are overwhelmingly rejected by people in Scotland with significant differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The analysis – attached - shows:

* 77% of people in Scotland think the Tory Chancellor is doing a bad job compared to 57% across Great Britain - a difference of 20%
* 65% of people in Scotland think he should be replaced with only 13% supporting him a net rating of -52% compared to -36% across Great Britain
* 61% of people in Scotland support capital investment in infrastructure projects with only 24% against - a net rating of +37%.
By far and away the greatest margin in Great Britain where the overall rating is only +5% with two regions AGAINST capital investment
* 82% of people in Scotland think the Westminster government is managing the economy badly compared to 67% across Great Britain
* The net rating for those who think the state of Britain's economy is bad or good is -80% in Scotland compared to -65% for Great Britain.

Commenting on the data SNP Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP – a Member of the Treasury Select Committee – said:

“In the week that George Osborne kept his job as Chancellor, it is clear that he and the Tories have lost the economic argument with Scotland.

“The boos the Chancellor received at the Olympic stadium are echoed in Scotland where the vast majority of people do not trust what George Osborne does or what he claims. The public clearly know the UK Government’s economic strategy is failing dismally.

“And the failure of George Osborne and David Cameron to take the action that is needed underscores why decisions about Scotland's economy should be made in Scotland and not by any Tory Chancellor.

“Westminster urgently needs to implement the policy of capital investment that the Scottish Government, and a whole range of economic commentators, are calling for.

“Unfortunately for the No campaign, the only stimulus George Osborne has provided has been to boost support for independence. Just like Tony Blair before him, the more Mr Osborne lectures Scotland the more support for independence will rise.”