Sunday Times poll shows rising yes support

Welcoming this morning’s Panelbase poll published in the Sunday Times – showing a gap of just eight points between support for an independent Scotland at 37 per cent for Yes to 45 per cent for No, which falls to a gap of just four points if people believe the Labour Party will win the 2015 election, and becomes a twelve point lead for Yes if people think the Conservative Party will win – SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“This is an extremely positive poll, which indicates strong and rising support for Yes across the political spectrum. We believe that Yes support will continue to grow now that the referendum terms are agreed, and as we spell out how Scotland will flourish with the powers of an independent Parliament. The alternative to Yes would be to see the achievements of home rule - such as free personal care and free tuition – rolled back by a No vote and the continued imposition of Westminster austerity.

“As the polls show that the referendum is game on, what is consistent is that a clear majority of people believe that the Scottish Government is better at making decisions for Scotland than the UK Government - and most people will vote for independence if they believe that they and their families will be better off.

“There is an important job of work to do to persuade more people in Scotland to support the case for independence – we are confident we can and will do that, and if we win the argument we will win the referendum in autumn 2014.”

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