Nicola Sturgeon: Referendum to be made in Scotland

Speaking ahead of Monday’s meeting between the First Minister and the Prime Minister at St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The final agreement is for discussion between the First Minister and Prime Minister tomorrow , however my discussions with Michael Moore have been constructive and I believe we have reached a position that guarantees a referendum made in Scotland - which is exactly what we set out to do.

“Tomorrow’s agreement will ensure that the decision taken by the people of Scotland is one that will be fully respected by both governments.

“The referendum is the biggest opportunity the people of Scotland have had for 300 years to determine the kind of nation we all wish to live in - and there is no doubt that a majority of people in Scotland want the fairer and wealthier society that independence can deliver.

“Once the agreement has been signed it is time for all of us, on all sides to set out our arguments and campaign for the future we believe Scotland can have.

“Now the negotiations are over I am immensely looking forward to making the positive case for Scotland to have the powers of independence that are necessary to build the prosperous and fair society that we all want.”