Lamont must go public on Davidson's attack

Johann Lamont has been challenged to clarify whether her adoption of the traditional Tory mantra of a ‘something for nothing’ culture extends to backing the ludicrous claims made today by Ruth Davidson that only 12% of people in Scotland are net contributors.

Recent weeks saw Johann Lamont abandon the commitments she and her party stood on at each of the last two elections by announcing a Cuts Commission targeting many of the crowing achievements of devolution.

Johann Lamont’s stance was warmly welcomed by Conservatives across the UK, raising questions about whether her adoption of Tory language will extend to Ruth Davidson’s baseless attack on households across Scotland.

SNP MSP John Mason has written to Johann Lamont calling on her to publicly clarify her stance on Ruth Davidson’s comments.

Commenting, SNP MSP John Mason who is the Deputy Convener of the Finance Committee said:

“Johann Lamont and her partner in the anti-independence campaign Ruth Davidson have been operating hand in glove since Labour established its cuts commission.

“With the Scottish Tory leader claiming that only 12% of people in Scotland are contributors and that we live in a ‘gang-master’ state, the public deserves to know whether Johann Lamont will continue to follow where Ruth Davidson leads.

“Johann Lamont cannot adopt the Tory mantra of a ‘something for nothing’ culture and expect to avoid questions on whether she also agrees with Ruth Davidson’s outrageous attack on people across Scotland.

“Now that Johann Lamont has taken her lead from the Tories on the future of the social contract we all benefit from, does she share their view that almost 90% of people in Scotland do not ‘contribute’ to society?

“That kind of insulting slur is where the flawed logic of Johann Lamont’s ‘something for nothing’ comments inevitably lead to.

“While Labour and the Tories seem to be competing with each other on how often they can insult people in Scotland, the SNP are standing up for people across Scotland and protecting the social contract that we all contribute to.”