Labour caught scaremongering on Trident jobs

Threatening Scots with job losses to justify the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde has been described as "the worst kind of nonsense" by an SNP MSP and anti-nuclear campaigner.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie has today come under fire for claiming that removing Trident from HM Naval Base Clyde “would wipe out 11,000 jobs that are dependent on the base,” while the UK Defence Secretary put the figure at 6,000.

However, a Freedom of Information request made to the Ministry of Defence has revealed that there are 520 civilian jobs at HM Naval Base Clyde that rely directly on the Trident programme.

Scottish CND Co-ordinator John Ainslie told today's Sunday Herald: "Both Labour and Conservative politicians are trying to scare the public by exaggerating the economic implications of nuclear disarmament"

Condemning the use of wholly inaccurate figures by both parties, the SNP have said that the ‘obscene’ cost to the public purse could be used to create far, far more jobs in the Scottish economy – while also supporting Faslane as a major conventional base.

SNP MSP Bill Kidd - a Vice-President of the Council of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament said:

"Because of its obscene cost to the public purse, Trident is in reality a jobs-destroyer. Attempts to justify the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde in terms of jobs is the worst kind of nonsense, as Jackie Baillie knows only too well.

"Diverting even £1 billion from Trident into infrastructure spending would create around 15,000 jobs; far, far more positions than actually depend on these missiles.

"Jobs at Faslane would be protected in an independent Scotland, but as a major conventional base rather than a home to the UK's nuclear weapons. People in Scotland do not want nuclear weapons on the Clyde, and removing them will only be achieved with a Yes vote in 2014."


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