Half-baked plan show LibDems ignoring own policies

Plans announced by the LibDems to divert Scotland’s oil & gas revenues into a federal pot to be distributed across the UK show that even the LibDems’ own policies have been ignored in drawing up their constitutional plans.

In 2006 the LibDems’ Steel Commission called for “a specific tax sharing mechanism for North Sea oil revenues”, yet their latest report appears to have set this aside in favour of oil & gas revenues being managed on a UK-wide basis.

Meanwhile, in their submission to the Calman Commission, Tavish Scott argued in favour of devolving corporation tax, before his party voted against devolving the power during the scrutiny process for the Scotland Bill

The same process also saw LibDem express their opposition to the devolution of air passenger duty, a power for the Scottish Parliament that this latest report now calls for.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani who chaired the Scotland Bill Committee said:

“These half-baked plans show just how far LibDems have rolled back on powers for Scotland.

“They have performed so many U-turns on further devolution in recent years it is a wonder they know what way they are facing.

“It was only a few years ago that their own Steel Commission recommended in 2006 that powers over oil and gas revenues should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, yet that policy seems to have been binned.

“The fact of the matter is that decades of managing oil and gas revenues on a UK basis have done nothing to address poverty anywhere in the UK.

“The vast resources in the waters off Scotland’s shores should be used to benefit people in Scotland for generations to come, not treated as a cash cow by the Westminster Treasury – and only a Yes vote for an independent Scotland will ensure that happens.”